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  1. I did not explain myself well enough. I saw an 80% reduction of the PV output. I've got 8 thermal panels to heat the pool that I'm going to install in the next two weeks. I forsee PVC weld and sticky fingers in my future. I'll lay them on the flat roof of the garage. We've had the pool for 25 years, most of it with a saltwater chlorinator. It makes it much easier to maintain. Pretty much always blue. I think it's worth it.
  2. We've got a little 1kw grid-tied system in the southern suburbs. I've connected 3 330w HV panels to our old 3rd hand Sunny Boy inverter. It's there just to help run the pool pump. Anyway I also noticed a significant loss in production during the bout of bad weather we had (20% of the norm).
  3. Noted thank you. mjlorton (an old SA You Tube channel) used to mention them too. They seem respectable, been around for years.
  4. Apparently Mustek still have stock of components for these inverters & may be able to repair it. Worst case if the main board needs replacement the cost would be around R7,500.
  5. Thanks bud, I was trying to troubleshoot the faulty inverter. Part of that process was removing as many variables as possible. At one point I only had the basics connected to power up the unit which is basically DC power & AC in. You are correct that is the PV input wire. I reconnected it after the photo was taken.
  6. Is this not more of a concern for grid tied systems? All those Axpert inverters have got to be going somewhere & I highly doubt they are all off grid installations.
  7. @87 DreamThanks for your input. Noted on the inverters & mixing different models. If they are tight on budget couldn't they do the following? Recycle the old batteries & get like R2000 back. Purchase a Hubble AM-2 or equivalent for the remaining inverter. Connect the PV panels to the remaining inverter Possibly remove some of the circuits on the inverter load
  8. A resident in my neighbourhood (Tokai, Southern Suburbs) posted a plea for assistance with his PV system. The various companies they contacted don't want to help as it's not their install. They just bought a family home & moved in a few months ago. The pre-existing solar system is failing & they are wanting to resolve the issues. While I'm not qualified I decided to pay them a visit & lend them some insight. I've installed a few inverters for my family so I'm not totally useless Your input is welcomed & I'd like to take our collective feedback to them and offer them a way forward. Please see the attached pictures & video link below. Basic stats & facts: Inverters: Mecer SOL-I-AX-5M x2 Batteries: Lead Acid, 250Ah, x4 Solar Panels: 100-120w x 12 The inverters are wired in parallel. The inverters appear to be from 2015 based on the warranty sticker markings. The batteries are wired in series with no balancers. I'm not sure of the arrangement of the panels but their VoC was around 100v at the time of measurement. Problems: The "primary" inverter appears to be damaged. It does not boot but rather loops. Here is a short video of what's happening. Either it's damaged or some sort of self protection is causing the inverter to turn off and on endlessly. You can hear a relay clicking continuously. The secondary inverter runs and powers the connected circuits. All 12 PV panels are connected to the faulty inverter. During load shedding the the system used to last about 3 hours on average. Now the system only stays on for 5 minutes. I suspect the PV panels were keeping it going until the primary inverter failed. The voltages across the 4 batteries vary greatly. Some are high for example 14.2v & others are low like 11.5v with the total voltage being 54v "as per normal". Thoughts: Solar Panels: OK Storage: Fucked (technically speaking) Inverters: 1 of 2 functioning OK Switchgear: OK It would be easy to rip and replace with a 8kW Sunsynk inverter & LiFePO4 batteries but the owner would rather salvage & upgrade if possible. Inverters: Is there a reputable business in Cape Town that offers repairs to Mecer/Voltronic inverters? I ask assuming it can be repaired. If not can a new Mecer/RCT/Voltronic inverter be used in parallel with the existing older model? Storage: Clearly battery balancers would have been a good idea but the damage is done now. No doubt the batteries will need to be replaced. The prices of LiFePO4 have dropped a lot since 2015 & in 2021 I can't recommend lead acid. Given the age of the inverter are there LiFePO4 batteries that can work well without CAN bus? Perhaps something from Hubble? Thanks for your time if you read this far!
  9. Expanding on the answer above. With PWM the larger the mismatch in voltage between the panel & battery the less power the panel can deliver. So when the battery is most drained is when the charge rate is at it’s lowest (the opposite of what you want). In this situation of a low state of charge it’s like the PWM charger is trying to pull off in 3rd gear whereas the MPPT is an 8 speed automatic gearbox. Speed & Power
  10. I've watched a race and a few highlights on You Tube. I enjoyed it & there are some well known names participating in various ways. However there’s too much of an embedded ideology in the sport & I’ve had my full of politics in sport. I watch F1 & a little bit of WRC for escapism not for a cause or activism. I’ve totally divested from a number of other sports because of political interference and BS activism. I’m very much in favor of renewable and being green where it’s practical. I can’t support Extreme E because it essentially has equality of outcome (forcing 1 male & 1 female driver). I support equality of opportunity but that’s vastly different from the former. Plus Lewis is a massive chop & I can only bare one racing format with his pro BLM rubbish.
  11. Can't comment on the voltages but 20 amps per bank, 60amp charge rate in total.
  12. It's nice to know there are other South Africans who watch his channel.
  13. @BGb I had multiple trips on my earth leakage about 6 months back. I couldn't figure it out, no rhyme or reason. I bought a new earth leakage switch and replaced the old one with it. It's not tripped once with the new switch. They are not cheap though, about R700 for one. Just a thought...
  14. Hello, less than a week. However the performance of these Mecer LiFePo4s is night and day when compared to the Pb batteries (even when they were new). Not the average but the "base load" is around 200-400w continuously. Keep in mind my use case here is different. This inverter is purely for "emergencies", a power backup. It's not designed for off-grid, it's a load shedding solution. So the batteries will only be cycled when it rains, a conveyor belt snaps or some unhappy union strikes To be honest it's very unlikely I'll open them.
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