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Fan based Inverters


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If you see moisture / condensation coming out your inverters......


be warned - the suppliers will not cover it under warranty. Here is an copy of an email for a client based in Melkbos, he has bought another unit. Rather be looking at IP65 based product if you are near the sea.

"The Imeon inverter  / Infini / Axpert only has a IP20 rating so it should only be installed indoors in a dry, non-corrosive, dust free environment. The installer should ensure that the unit is installed in an appropriate environment.
Our coastline is classified as highly corrosive up to 5km inland and Melkbosstrand is right on the beach so even if installed inside a garage it will be exposed to moist air and some customers only open the garage door for a short time per day some leave it open most of the day. The fans work quite hard on this unit and will draw in the moist air continuously which will cause moisture buildup inside the unit and ultimately lead to corrosion and affect the electronic components.
In this environment  I suggest the inverter to be installed in a metal cabinet with about 15-20cm space around it. It’s better for the unit to run a bit hotter and the warmer air which will build up in the cabinet will keep moisture out.
I can send you photos of such installations we don’t just do it with Imeon we do it with Victron and other equipment we install outdoors or close to the coast.
This  problem is not juts linked to Imeon,Infini, Axpert,  we have seen it on other inverters as well which doesn’t have a good IP rating and installed in an environment not suitable for the unit.
I can offer a replacement unit at a discounted price if you interested."


learn from this i suppose is the response





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The Mulitiplus is IP21 so it can handle a bit of water, but condensation is still going to be a possible problem. They say up to 95% humidity. Mine does get clogged with that horrible brown sticky dust we get in the cape, so it needs at least a good blow out every 6 months or so.

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Mine is running in my office, and before that elsewhere in the house. 

I never could get it installed in the garage, too far from the panels, but the result is that the inverter and controllers after all this time is near perfect condition.

And I was not that keen with hydrogen and cars in the same area. Not for explosions but more ito potential additional rust over years and the fact that the garage has a lot of metal as it has a concrete slab on top with metal casings underneath.

Win some, lose some.

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