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How can I clean the components inside a Axpert inverter.


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The components inside one of my Axpert inverters is covered with dust with a stickiness which came from a fan which I directed to blow into the side intake of the inverter.  The fan's bearings made a noise and I sprayed a bit of oil on the areas leading to the bearings.  Unfortunately some of this oil got blown over time in a very limited amount into the inverter and is the reason for this stickiness which the dust clings to.

Can I remove this sticky dust with methylated spirits or an electronic aerosol cleaner using a small paint brush to brush it and a vacuum cleaner to suck it up.  A piece of cloth to wipe it clean can generate static electricity which can be problematic regarding the components.

If there is a more safe and efficiant  way to do it, please help.  Thanks.

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There are many ways to clean your inverter. Meths is fine and is pretty safe.

To start with switch the power off and blow compressed air to clean as much dust etc. as you can.

Remember that with forced cooling the ducts are going to block up with dust etc. This needs to b removed regularly..

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Hi Cassie

You can clean the components inside the inverter, You will need make sure you disconnected all power from pv panels, mains and battery before you open or clean the inverter. It will be advisable to change the fans to avoid further problems.

Alcohol based cleaners are ok (meths, propanol, ethanol , methanol). A paint brush to remove dust is good.

I have done it many times without problems. If you are worried about static you an get a antistatic mat with a earth strap to yourself however I do not think it is necessary. Compressed air will also help a lot after you have remover oil. It is pity there is no  longer Freon to use as a cleaner.

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11 hours ago, Richard Mackay said:

blow compressed air


11 hours ago, Peter Topp said:

Compressed air will also help

I have a compressor but not a water trap and I'm scared that I might spray moist air on the components.  

The inverter is on my workbench, I'm busy replacing the MPPT card.

Thanks for the info I appreciate it.

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53 minutes ago, Richard Mackay said:

Modern electronic components can cope with water but must me dry when you power up..

Thanks Richard, OK then I'm going to blast it with the compressor.  I've finished brushing the components with a dry brush.   Afterwards I will leave it for about an hour in the hot sun to dry out.

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