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Solar panels


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34 minutes ago, Dean K said:

own wattages

Panels operate on voltage, so you'd have to try and match the voltages, if your 120W panels, let's say, produce maximum smoke at 16V (Vmp) and you are running them in parallel and lets also assume the 180W panels run at the same Voltage, but more current at Vmp, then you can just parallel them up and voila, you should at best be able to extract ( 3 X 120W + 2 X 180W) out of that lot... but I suspect you may not have the same Vmp's between the 120W and 180W panels and thus my explanation would be not applicable... the point being that Voltage is what matters, if you run your 120W panels in series and lets assume for a moment say their Vmp is 16V, that would give you 3 X 16 = 48Vmp, now if the 180W panels had a Vmp of 24V, then the two in series would also be 48Vmp and could run in parallel with the 3 X 120W panels. But it also depends on your load/charge controller/inverter/whatever you are feeding the panels into, what is this device expecting Voltage wise and what can it cope with...

You are not providing enough information for a sensible answer, unfortunately. You would have to provide, the specs of the 120W panels as well as for the 180W panels, state how the existing ones are wired up and what they are connected to and what, the unit to which they are connected, can cope with Voltage wise...

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