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US3000C and UP5000 mixture


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We installed a solar system at our office about 3 months back.  Running a total of 

48x415W Canadian Sun Panels.
4x Victron 250/100 MPPT controllers
1x Victron Quattro 48/10000/140
6x PylonTech US3000C batteries.

We want to add either another 6x US3000C batteries and keep the 2 banks the same, or add 6x UP5000 batteries.

Now my question is.  The 2 different models has different charging rates and discharging rates.

Is it worth mixing the 2 sets, or do you recommend we keep it the same?

Will the UP5000 be under utilised as of it’s a US3000C?

Keep in mind they all connect to the MPPT controllers and inverter via a DC BUS BAR

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Have also been considering a similar implementation.

But the limited info I found seemed to suggest that the UP5000 did not have the extended warranty? from 5 to 10 years if you registered? compared to the US3000c.

Also If I recall correctly the UP5000 was not compatible with the US3000 or US3000c? However the US5000 product is fairly new in the market and i am not sure these answers are correct?

Lets see what the experts advise..

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