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Deye 8K - Strange behavior and no DC to AC


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I installed a Deye 8K September 2020, connected to 12 x JA 405w panels and 2x Dyness 3.6Kw batteries. The system was running smoothly  with good production (7.24MWh)  and Grid sales of 5.34MWh until  the 2nd of July 2021. 

The system is programmed to run from batteries in the evening from 23:00 to 05:30 and the PV to prioritize batteries over load.  The DOD is programmed to 35% but seldom go lower than 65-70%.

I noticed on the 2nd of July that the 'time of use' function did not switch the load from the grid to the batteries.  I checked the settings but everything appeared normal, no alarms were recorded.  During the day I also noticed that the production graph on the screen displayed a break in production as well as an increase in grid usage for a period of about 2 hours.  The same happened on the 3rd of July and again today.  However, the break in production -inverter not functional - lasted longer on the 4th of July. (3.5 hours).  I noticed that the clock advanced to a different time zone, even though I disabled DTS in the settings of my account.  

I inspected every variable I can think of, checked every connection, measured PV voltages and loads, took temperatures but everything seems to be normal.  The Deye shows DC, AC, Normal and No alarms.

I reset the system by switching off and restarting it in the correct sequence, including the , batteries.  It did not rectify the system.  The challenge seem to be software related.  When I change the parameters of the programming the system does not respond accordingly.

The only other variable that I have to mention was the changing of my network password which led to the Data logger being offline for a couple of days.   This should not have had any effect on the system as such.  

I am not aware of  a possible  Software upgrade that maybe? or could have gone wrong.  I have seen that  Solarman posted 'network outage ' at some stage. 

Would someone be so kind as to try and help me solve this mystery?





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Hi there

Just to share some interesting stuff 🙂

I've noticed that the inverter was adjusting the time zone.  I checked my profile in Solarman account and changed it deliberately to GMT+1.  The inverter displayed the correct time for just  a short period and then adjusted itself to GMT+3 again. (I presume it correlates with the long. lat. of my address and take day time saving into account. Comms with Solarman server)

I changed and saved my profile back to Harare/Pretoria time zone, but it happened again.  I then went into basic settings on the Deye and confirmed the time was correctly entered and noticed that the time displayed on the LCD during normal operations, differ from the time in the basic settings. It displayed GMT+3. 

I unchecked the 'Sync time' box and the time displayed on the LCD immediately reflected the time as set in the basic settings.  It now displays the correct time and it stays that way. I just need to ensure that the daylight savings checkbox on my Solarman account is not ticked

The issue with the production and consumption graphs also seem to be resolved now. Since this programming change, the graphs don't display the break in production/consumption values anymore.

Another interesting attribute of the 'Time of use" function  i discovered, is that one should refrain from stretching the different time cycles to longer than 5hr s. I thought that I could get away with it by increasing the duration of only one cycle from 2300-0530.  I discovered the next morning that the software switch to 'Use Battery only' didn't happen and it stayed on Grid Power. 

I reverted to the default 4hr cycles and adjusted the DOD for the different 'time of use' and everything returned to normal again

The journey continues🥂



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Hi Cobus

I have actually experienced the exact same issue. Noticed it from around the 15th of July.

Symptoms were Gaps in the daily data on the Historic view, and then I noticed the time was resetting to an hour ahead of current.

I will go try this on my system too.

PS; chatting to the tech support at SolarMan, they are able to batch upload the missing data from your Inverter to SolarMan app, in case you want to fill those gaps

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