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  1. Thanks, can they stand in the upright position on the floor or must they sit flat on the floor?
  2. Hi all I have been trying to replace my 4x 12v 100ah gel batteries with a min 4.8kwh lithium ion battery, but it seem only the pylontech up5000 is an option that will work with my inverter due to connectivity via cable, few question 1. Can the pylontech UP 5000 be wall mounted without any issues 2. Have any of you used this setup and does it work well? 3. Are there any other Lithium ion battery options I can look at 4. the Pylontech UP5000 has a5 warranty, yet US2000 and US300 version the small output have 10 years, any reason for concern around this? thanks regards Jashwin
  3. I changed 10 to ECO in the setting, thanks for the help
  4. It should be ok now , although it still shows the amount of watts running thru it?
  5. Thank You 87 and Jaseza for the insight and feedback, I will try the above
  6. Thanks 87, I dont have solar panels yet . I get what you saying about just passing the power thru but I worry as I load the plugs I can hear the fan start to run hard like the inverter is working an needs cooling, that make me think is not just passing the power thru, also I see it seems cleans the AC feed from Eskom before it send it out. I just hoping I dont have a expensive bill it I go over 5kw as warranty wont cover it. regards Jashwin
  7. Hi, it's a king from what I have read. option 1 is set UTI. I dont understand why the load is through the inverter although eskom is on, I have checked the watts and Kw load and it goes to 3.7kw and more depending on what appliance is plugged in.
  8. Hi I have had the above 5kw hybrid inverter installed yesterday and it replaced a 2kw Powerstar IR standard inverter( both have 4x 100ah batteries).my question is with the old inverter the load was 0% when eskom power was on even when I used eg a heater on the plugs that ran via the inverter, now with the new inverter I see it has load on the inverter continuously on even when the eskom power is on. the unit is set to utility first option. I am now worried that I will blow up the inverter if there more than 5kw are loaded onto it even though eskom power is feeding it. I have tried to put unit into bypass mode by turning unit off but notice the load is still present on the screen. pls can someone guide if am doing something wrong or worrying for nothing. below is pic of unit in normal mode. the installer tells me I need to install a auto power bypass switch to fix the issue of loading the inverter continuously, thanks Rgds Jashwin
  9. Hi, I have the above 5KW hybrid invertor installed this week , replacing a older standard Power Star IR 2kw Inverter (I also have 4 X 110ah batteries connected) , my question is with my old inverter, when there was power the invert had 0% load on it and I was able to run things such as a heater ,hairdryer etc..on plugs that could be used when power is off, as the system just feed the electricity to the plug points without putting load on the inverter, with this new inverter I now see that there is load continually on the inverter and I am worried I will blow up the inverter if we run more than 5kw in items at once, I see by turning the power off on the inverter it goes into bypass mode but I notice on the panel that there is still load on the inverter, please can someone guide me, the installer says I need a automatic power change over switch? The installer has said he has setup the inverter to use the Eskom power first Thanks Jashwin
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