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  1. Is the Kodak simply a rebranded Axpert? I have an older King and it can blend PV and Grid power just fine when on SUB. When Load is greater than available PV it draws excess from Utility.
  2. I have not tried the PV side, but I assume it will work. I don't have a problem with the PV side and don't think adding a stand alone MPPT will be of benefit, maybe minimal benefit. Its more the utilisation of the PV which I am looking at. The Axpert basically can only supply essential loads meaning you could be left with PV to spare and end up using Eskom for the non essential loads, where a proper hybrid would be able to feed the non essential loads as well. *edit Or reconfigure some wiring to try and maximise "essential loads"
  3. Unfortunately not, we already have the electronic meters. Yes this is the biggest issue, if I leave everything as it is it will work, but all that PV will be wasted if it cannot be used for the non critical loads. Can go adding change over switches to manage it manually, but that seems like too much effort. Its not fun anymore when it becomes are chore unless i can find some happy medium.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah agree the Victron kit seems like the best option cost aside Plus it has all the configuration options and integration options as well. And yes the integrations options would be worthwhile, thats my kind of thing. But alas going Victron is going to cost maybe R50k + for a 5KW kit. Then will it work with my meter, but I guess there are work arounds as to prevent it backfeeding into the grid. Have checked out the video on the config options. But alas financially Might be better to use what I have. Hence my dilema.
  5. Hi I currently have an Axpert King 5kw with 1x Pylontech US300 running as a backup power for lighting and a fridge. It runs for somewhere between 8 and 20 hours depending. I have another 3 US3000 batteries which i am going to connect, but I have been considering why not expand and get panels. Normal 4 person household, and i doubt we are heavy consumers. (bill is around R1200 per month plus services charges another R600) We have an electronic meter (postpaid) in Randburg JHB. We have 2 DBs connected via 1x 10mm cable (Currently ESKOM supply) and 1 x 4mm cable (supplied by the Axpert) (DBs on different ends of the house) setup so that most of the plugs, the geyser and pool are on one circuit and the lights and fridge alarm etc are on another. Now I have been considering adding PV panels to the system have read about some issues with the Kings and PV freezes. Thing is adding PV makes more sense if I can use it for everything else as well. So potentially I could reconfigure the DB to take out some heavy consumers like the Geyser and put everything else on the 1 King. (Will require some wiring as I may need another 10mm cable run about 50m up walls through roofs etc) having the additional 10mm cable would allow for freedom in configuring different options (currently its a 4mm cable). This option means that people in the house would need to start learning how to manage the load and maybe can't boil a kettle which the dishwasher and the stove and microwave is on etc. Another option would be to get another King and parallel them so that everything runs through the inverters permanently. Means that there would be no need to reconfigure the wiring run geyser, stove etc through the inverters. I assume we will be able to keep the load below 10KW without much effort. Or sell the Axpert and get something like a Goodwe (Victron seems to be getting expensive) and leave the wiring like it is, then the hybrid inverter can supply the loads when there is ESKOM power available. Would be no need to rewire, should work for what i need. Not sure if the electronic meter might have issues with a hybrid inverter. Which option makes most sense?
  6. Updated firmware (both main and display) Plugged in cable and it works. Thanks guys. I noticed the battery has made the following changes to the settings. Max charging (02) current has been reduced to 10A I had it on 30A I assume it will now fluctuate based on the battery's state of charge it is currently full. Float voltage (27) has been set to 53.2v I had it as 50.3v Low cutoff (29) has been set to 47v, I was using 46.5v.
  7. Managed to update both successfully using a laptop with a com port. Was pretty straightforward. U03 version also changed when updating the Panel. Old Versions U01 - 71.50 U02 - 01.21 U03 - 00.21 U04 - 00.00 After updating the Panel it changed to U01 - 71.50 U02 - 02.00 U03 - 88.88 U04 - 00.00 After updating the the Main firmware it changed to U01 - 71.86 U02 - 02.00 U03 - 88.88 U04 - 00.00
  8. Ok cool. Is it necessary to update the display firmware first? not sure on the mcu.hex thats the file which was part of the download. There was no AXPERT.TXT file. There was also and "important.txt" file but there seems to be an error with it.
  9. Seems like I need to update the firmware I am on U1 71.50 and don't have the PYL option. Ran into some difficulties when trying to update the display firmware to 2.00. Put up a post in the firmware section. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/3759-axpert-king-inverter-firmware/page/3/#comments Didn't try to update the main firmware. Have not tried the cable yet.
  10. Tried to update the seem to be running into an error. Downloaded Remote panel reflash 2.00 from https://powerforum.co.za/files/file/49-king-remote-panel-reflash-200/ 1. Formated a 1GB USB stick to Fat32 2. Extracted the MCU.hex file to the USB drive 3. USB menu by holding down top left button for 3 secs. 4. Selected UPG from the list 5 Get Error U03 (Document inside the USB disk with wrong format) Current versions U01 - 71.50 U02 - 01.21 U03 - 00.21 U04 - 00.00 any thoughts?
  11. This is what i know, standard practice to only ground one side. Thanks guys, off to make a cable now.
  12. The attached shows 3 wires on one end and 2 wires on the other end. Does that mean that the rest of wires could be left out?
  13. If I use the long Pylontech cable and connect the end to a fuse wont that mean that the cable itself before the fuse will not be protected. I know in car audio you try to install the fuse as close to the battery as possible for this reason.
  14. Hi Thanks for the feedback all. Yes the system does seem to be functioning correctly. (Other than I was unable to turn it back on with little power left but thats not a concern) @Coulomb I have the low voltage DC cut off at 47.5 are you saying that it might be better to change to 46.5? Yeah my thoughts were the same would be best to ave it fused but didn't want to cut the cable to install the fuse that i have. Any suggestions as to where I could get a battery fuse with M8 connectors and some interconnector cables? I am in Randburg. Is it better to get one for each the positive and negative cables? I do not have solar panels installed as yet. Any suggestions on what to get?
  15. Seems to have started up again when Eskom was back for 30 min.
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