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  1. This graph is useful. I will communicate it to Voltronic since I still believe they must solve the problem. Do you have the latest firmware on your Mks-II (71.80) ?
  2. Only a pleasure ! Feedback would be greatly appreciated. I also used this forum as a reference to Voltronic to convince them to look into the problem. Today is certainly a very cloudy day where I live . . .
  3. I did put up a fuss with Voltronic themselves regardings this issue. At first they gave me a lame answer as follows : "Per your information below, it means error 08 was caused by the surge from the grid input. Error 08 means high BUS voltage, if the grid is not stable, and has high voltage spike, it will make the inverter BUS over voltage, then error 08 will happen. The inverter will restart when Error 08 happened. But the bus voltage must be lower than 500V. It can restart three times within 15 minutes. If it exceeds three times, it won’t restart automatically. You will need to t
  4. Just an update. So the mainboard on my MK-II was changed by the supplier and the unit was reinstalled. To my utmost frustration the legendary Error 08 appeared within 5 days. It is futile for us to try and solve this. Voltronic must come up with a remedy, but their standard response is to get a 'firmware update', however my inverter was already upgraded by the supplier. We must now make a noise towards Voltronic with this Regards
  5. I spoke to a Axpert supplier in Cape Town. They indicated that they replace the main board when they see this problem. Seems to solve it
  6. I can unfortunately not remember what the original FW version was, but I did get a copy of the new FW. It is in RAR format (AxpertMKSII5K71.71P)
  7. I want to add that I have the same inverter. It was installed in May 2019, so still under warrantee. It ran for 6 months no problem, then started with the exact same problem as described here. I took it back to Mustek. They did a FW upgrade. Worked for a month then the problem re-appeared. Now shuts down every 2 weeks. Voltronic have a design issue here Regards, eLEK
  8. BvR

    Axpert VM III

    I have 2 x Axpert Kings 5kW running in parallel with 3 x US3000B Lithium batteries and 15 x 400 Watt Canadian PV panels also 2 x ICC raspberry Pi's 4 issues : 1 - Charging is set for Solar Only (OSO) but it seems the utility is still charging the batteries (I had to set Utility Charging to 2A 'minimum setting' to minimise the issue until I can get this sorted) Charging from utility only stops when I disconnect the utility I do not know what other setting I can try - any suggestions ? 2 - Kings to have the software to communicate with the Pylontech batteries (with the PYL se
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