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  1. I'm so open to suggestions - just at this point need something to give me correct values and not be in the middle of something - Multisib is great bit over the top - just want something simple to see the state of my system
  2. Anyone looking for better stuff than ICC/SMH - try this guy been on for the last months Micro Fusion Computers
  3. Have yet to see that anyone tells me this is a standalone system - off grid no internet
  4. Has anyone actually used this software - been a ICC user for many years(2019)
  5. Any idea how to read protocols off 2 standard Axpert inverters in parallel - cannot get watts off #2 or is their a calculation formula to use 

    1. Pacmanmb


      Hi moved to dual axpert inverters in parallel - mppt wont give watts from #2 - reason or solution to this issue 

  6. Hi guts - have moved from 1 5kva axpert inverter with 20 x gell deep cycle batteries to 2 x axpert parallels with 4 x US3000 pylontech banks - about 300ah output - can I use 3 banks - each battery bank is 100ah with the pylontech for extra power - my 20 batteries are still perfect
  7. Hi Guys - currently running axpert 5kva unit with 15 panels max - and now want to use wind as added charge source - currently have 20 x 102 a/h batteries that wont charge off that unit. how do I connect this onto the unit and record voltage/watts etc
  8. I have 20 100ah batteries which I am changing to a different config - 5x4 in series - then parallel four banks - from 100ah - should make the entire bank at 400ah with 20 batteries - now will the axpert inverter handle tis 


    1. Jaco De Jongh

      Jaco De Jongh

      Hi @Pacmanmb, it is actually 500ah

      An 500Ah bank must be charged at 10-13% of the bank capacity, so in your case you should then charge the bank at 50 amps to keep them healthy. I assume that Axpert is a 48 volt model and most of them comes standard with a 60 amp MPPT charger, so you will take it close to its maximum. 

      I hope you have enough panels to produce enough power to do this. 

    2. Pacmanmb


      it is 48v - and have currently 15 x 300w panels

  9. My apologies - mine is V 72.9

    1. Coulomb


      Oh. I've had suspicions that 72.90 only came with clones, so you should also check Do I Own a Clone? Some clones can't be updated at all, unfortunately. Otherwise, my comments about 73.00 and 73.00e stand.

  10. Maybe you can help as well - also have 5ka unit running v 72.49 - which is not working for me at all - seems this was designed to a ups system. No matter what I change during the day solar only charges my batteries. if I switch off the grid then works fine. How can I downgrade or upgrade to what version. Mate has the same system as me with V 72.4 and works fine - your help will be appreciated.

    1. Coulomb


      You didn't say what exact model of 5 kVA model you have, so see Can I update my firmware, and if so, to what? to be sure. But it sounds like you have an older 5 kVA / 4 kW model, in which case you can downgrade to 72.40 if you want, but you could also update to 73.00 factory firmware or 73.00e patched firmware.

      I've not heard of firmware version 72.49 at all, so I'd say it was short lived, perhaps due to bugs such as you have found.

  11. Any idea of the cable I can use on my inverter - has both usb and rj45 - and neither work even with rs232 converter - picks up the com port and software - but when you start the upgrade coms up with comm failure

  12. What does #13 (back to discharge voltage) actually - have been playing with that and seems it does nothing - default is 54v - so does any one know what it actually means 

    1. Coulomb


      I assume that you are referring to setting 13 for Axpert inverter-chargers. It's the "back to battery" setting. When other settings are suitable (particularly Output Source Priority, setting 01), this is the battery voltage above which the inverter will switch from line mode (bypass, utility is supplying loads) to battery mode (battery + solar supplies loads). But if for example setting 01 is Uti, however, it will have no effect; you are telling the inverter to stay in line mode whenever AC input is present.

      This is all reasonably well described in the manuals. You didn't say what model you have; if it's an Axpert MKS-5K for example, the manual is here.

  13. What does #13 (back to discharge voltage) actually - have been playing with that and seems it does nothing - default is 54v - so does any one know what it actually means 

    1. Youda


      When the inverter goes to bypass because of the discharged battery, this is the voltage that it will switch back to the battery and disconnect from the grid. To see it working, you have to discharge your batteries first :)

  14. Hi Chris - I have 20  102ah batteries already connected to my system - obvious 4x5 strings to give me the 48v - what now is the best way forward in terms of balancing all these batteries. currently all 5 strings are in parallel but I need to optimise the best of these batteries as they are only 6 months old. What would you advise



    1. Chris-R


      Hi Pacmanmb

      Did you come right in the mean time ?

      Our battery balancers should be in stock by Mon/Tuesday latest

      Please let me know at [email protected] should you require any.

      You will only need 5 balancers





    2. Pacmanmb


      I do need the - but also found out that the ICC software is screwing me around so have switched back Watchpower and made a huge difference - sent an email but also want to know where you guy's are - also looking for firmware for my inverter  - running 72.9 and need to downgrade or upgrade to version 73.0e

  15. Anybody know what the values of the 5kva inverter vales of 30 32 and 38 are - can find it anywhere
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