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  1. @PaulF007 Just checking in, are you still happy with "The Sun Pays" unit? Did you get the low pressure one? Is the Low Pressure one still rated at 400KPA?
  2. @CarlT thanks, would be nice to get two additional busbar modules for the other two rows, one if definitively not enough.
  3. Thanks, seems you don't have any changeover switches? Therefor no way to bypass inverter and switch out its loads if needed.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to find out what the impact would be on the MPPT and/or Inverter if you have partial shade sometime during the day on some of the solar array? Is the entire string's generation forfeited? The reason I am asking is that although I don't see big palm tree shade currently on my intended north facing roof, I'm sure there will be some at some time during the year. It it better to have multiple MPPT's to negate this if it is an issue? And perhaps add some east and west panels as well? Thanks
  5. Seem there is a bigger one as well VS418TF, but it's not available at EM. This attached PDF outlines the accessories, but I don't see the additional busbars being listed?? Golf Enclosures.pdf
  6. Also keen on getting one, what busbars get included?
  7. @Mstott just checking your board layout again, would you mind summarising what is happening on each row?
  8. What would you say is the best pragmatic way of tracing the live/neutral pairs? Pure testing for continuity might not work due to loaded/unloaded circuits.
  9. Got it, thanks @Johandup. Just want to check on the main supply side, I currently have a 3P Isolator and 3P CB, which I copied from the existing board. In my mind the 3P CB is not required as I am adding a Earth Leakage unit to each phase which was is not there in the 2/3 of the phases as they had no plug circuits. Can I remove the 3P CB?
  10. Just to double check, I have a 25A CB for the Inverter before the changeover switch and then there is an Earth Leakage Unit. I will be adding an 2P Isolator on the Inverter Sub-DB. Not sure if this meets the requirement?
  11. Interesting, I thought all phases share the same neutral. Why is this?
  12. Thanks, I was thinking of doing the following. Does it make sense? I added the CG Energy Meter into the board as well to feedback to the non-essential loads in case of excess PV. This is a 3 x 18 (54 slots) DB Board.
  13. @NigelL I just have a question regarding the termination of the 2 unused phases in your DB Board. Mostly the incoming feeds come through a single 3P Isolator and 3P Breaker that are single throw switches. Do you leave them just unwired post the 3P breaker although they are active?
  14. @NigelL Thanks, makes a lot of sense and would simplify my installation considerable and reduce cost. Going to have a stab at putting everything on a single phase, calculating the load. I get the added benefit as mentioned with the the CG Meter to feed back to the non-essential loads if there is access PV during the day which would result in more cost saving.
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