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  1. 3 Pylon US3000's Victron kit: MPPT 150/100, 2x Multiplus3KVA's, GX 12 330w panels in 4 strings Little more than 4 happy years: BMS says battery health 94%. Seems to remember it started at 98% not 100... So lets say 4% lost. Daily cycle for consumption during night. so that is roughly 1500 cycles down to say 20-40%. This is unless Eskom plays around.. then it goes much lower. And cycles perhaps more as well... Daily charge to full on Solar as first priority / Eskom second at around mid afternoon... -> Battery has never alarmed or bailed on me. Had the Multiplus' internal trip 3 times on Eskom power returning after power outage. Seems to be spikes. Noting else.. Just works...
  2. 100% normal. Issue is if you are drawing a lot of power from PV/inevrter and the power draw stops. lets say a geyser drawing 3kw and you turn it off.. Then it takes a short while for the inverter/mppt to ramp down the power output. This obviously is an issue as your load is perhaps 100w and your inverter is ramping down from 3kw. The small amount the inverter draws from grid is there to prevent a small return spike to the grid. Some electricity meters will error when you feed power back to the grid. This prevents this from happening. Anyways. that is hat I understand from Victron documentation
  3. So I got an ES for my Dad's setup yesterday. very much a better product than the TL's. There is one setting missing though. You need a combo of SUB and SOL. SUB is great for daytime but if you want to cycle your batteries at night then you need the condition that says if either solar or grid is not available then use battery. SUB will only go to battery when both grid and pv are missing. Anyone that can get them to update their firmware? With this setting it will be as good as any of the others... honestly.. the only thing missing with these... ps: second Growatt I purchased past few months TL and ES... both BMS working as required with Pylons...
  4. Also want to see. Perhaps i can ise my carlo eventually for what i want to
  5. I used a sonoff pow2. Yes i know it cant take all the load. But what i did was to put a plug one end and a janus other end. Then went about recording power usage at every plug in the house. Must say... the information gathered was very useful in determining what to do inverter wise and cabling wise. R309 solution...
  6. What you say is 100% true until you add Carlo to the mix.. then it pumps all to that line including battery...
  7. But i do feedback. I just dont want to feed back my battery
  8. Has anyone perhaps cottoned on how to use a carlo as grid meter on victron setup to feed back excess solar on ess without feeding battery power as well? havent used my carlo since inception because of this... would love to ise it. Even if inly as a power meter...
  9. Hi guys.. after successfully installing a TL with BMS for my MIL I will be doing simular for my dad.. Question.. other than the high PV V input on the ES.. are there any more benefits?
  10. Still up and running. Something to try Fatboy. Put the US2 settings in as per previous instructions with the cable attached. Li flashes. Reboot and leave it for a few mins. The reboot is so the it boots without errors. Once booted and 5mins passed then change to Li and program 04... seems to have work for me both times.. old folks currently on loadshedding and it behaves it it should...
  11. Third pin from left on one end and 3rd pin from right on other side.
  12. Re crimped the cable and i am back on bms. Willpower it down and back on to confirm when i am at the inlaws later. Worried the power cycle makes it lose comms every time.
  13. This morning not working again. Ffs. Switched off and back on and boom. 4/20
  14. Exactly like J5 immortal’s diagram before my post. All i did is put the ground wire both sides.
  15. Bms working proper. Battery charge current spot on spec.
  16. Woopwoop!!! thanks guys!!! @Fatboy you are missing the ground line. I used L04
  17. Also, how would I check the battery firmware version?
  18. aaaa Li4 setting.. is that L14 or L04 I had made my cable like that one.. did not work.. could be setting Li04 then?
  19. Could someone also perhaps assist with the firmware (all three). All of them. ( will send email address via message) Simply cant get the Shinewifi to work. I assume it is the third firmware update. Using laptop or phone I get to the login screen on the Shine AP and once logged in I can see it drops wifi and I effectively dont get authenticated keeping me stuck on the login or first screen post login. Also if someone can confirm the pinout for the BMS cable for a SPF5000TL HVM with a Pylon US3000c Thank you!
  20. Hi Guys, also looking for some help. Growatt SPF5000TL HVM with US3000c I read this whole thread.. Trying to update the firmware with the files posted but not seeing any change my side.. Cant even get the damn Shine app to work. question. Can someone confirm the pinout of the BMS cable. I created as I though based on my reading but no luck. I keep getting 4/20 errors when I power up on Li setting. PS: Inverter will only be used as UPS at this stage. NO PV attached. I would dearly like to have the BMS running to see the battery % and have the battery manage charge. no luck. Anyone that can walk me through it? I would really appreciate it. Thanks, JT
  21. Hi Guys Selling a Victron MP II 3KVA - build 2628. It is a few months short of two years old and was running with Pylontech batteries. House was rewired to move all heavy stuff to Eskom and light stuff along with TV and fridges on inverter. So did not really work hard... As new thus. I will put some pictures on tomorrow. Selling as I am upgrading capacity of system this side.. R14k (Centurion - PTA) Thanks, JT
  22. you can also get yourself a sonoff POW2. I got one and put a plug on one end and a janus on the other. Busy logging each of my plugs in the house for 24h. That way I can see exactly what uses what and map the problem children... classA bosch fridge/freezer btw... around 0.75kwh/ day in current climate...
  23. done. I just wanted my ET112 to see the net effect...
  24. @plonkster On your last point. the question is. with the limit. will it still feed excess MPPT to the primary load side? Or will this also top out at the limit value?
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