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  1. The DTU pro wifi at around 4K and the 1500w inverter around 4.5k Will have final numbers when I have to pay the duties and VAT in 2 weeks The shipping cost from DHL is pushing the price. If I bring in a container via sea freight it will be half the price.
  2. I am importing these direct from the manufacturer now. I am tired of local suppliers telling me they cant get stock.
  3. Hi Anyone on the forum seen the 1500w unit from Hoymiles yet? Why is stock such a problem in SA?
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have 72 cell panels. I will connect all 4 panels in series and see what the outcome is.
  5. Hi I just bought this inverter. I see that the DC PV operating voltage is 120VDC. What is the minimum number of panels required to get the solar side working? I currently have 4 x 330watt panels. Reference: MUS-SOL-I-AX-5NB Condition: New product Rated Power 5000VA / 5000W Maximum PV Array Power 4500W MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage 120VDC~430VDC Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 450VDC Maximum Solar Charge Current
  6. Hi I want to start building a system using these Micro inverters. What is the minimum to start with? Note that LTE access on the farm is non existent. So I would have to get a monitoring unit that can send data via the cellular network. I have 3 phase power. Can I install the first unit on the first phase and then add to the other two later on?
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