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  1. Dear All, I have figured out how to access the data (CSV) from the internet server, with the help of CenturionSolar. I have to admit: All that data means absolutely nothing to me. I know where my abilities begins and end. The reason for the installation of the monitoring software was to get enough data to analyze and then ask for advice on what changes should be made and what should be added to the current configuration. The aim is to go off grid. Are there any interested people out there that can (or want to) read the data and give me an indication of the road ahead, please?
  2. Thank you all for the advice and thoughts. I think I will start with the supplier (Centurionsolar) on Monday and see if they can read the data. They might then also be able to say what is missing to go off grid. (My gut says batteries, but it may also be 3 x 300 watt PV's)
  3. I added a Raspberry Pie to my solar system. System consists of 2 x 5KvA Axpert Inverters, batteries and a PV array. The Raspberry came with pre-installed ICC software. It was a simple plug and play. Extremely easy. Thanks you to https://centurionsolar.co.za/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo_eY3Ofc5gIV0ed3Ch3ElQQqEAAYASAAEgKPD_D_BwE for the easy setup. With a few tweaks, here and there, the software is monitoring the usage (consumption) and electricity generated by the PV array. I can control the inverters very accurately with the software. It is also useful when calculating where to spend money on, i.e. mo
  4. Hi, the screen says COMM1 has been opened, but it does not do the update. Since I have really too little knowledge and a forum is, as you say a difficult place to sort these issues out: I am fearful of breaking / bricking. I will do some re-wiring and spread some of the load in order to balance both inverters out. That way I will be able to use the ± 10Kva available but in a different way. I thank you kindly for the time you have spent with me. Sad that it did not work out. Rather safe than sorry. Best wishes.
  5. Hi, the inverter is, as far as I read your posts I have a clone (52.30) If that is really bad or not, I am not sure. So, I bought the cable. It connects fine. I have set it to COMM1. Up to there, everything worked fine. Then, the sad message: "Cannot open serial port". Ouch. Any other magic suggestions?
  6. Thank you for the time you took to give me a complete and seemingly uncomplicated answer. Newbies have a lot to learn I really appreciate that. I have downloaded the firmware and I have bought a cable (hopefully) the correct one. 1st May is the day to sit and do this.
  7. Hi, looking for Flasware Tool and version 7270c for axpert, please
  8. Chris - I am completely new to this. Please help: I have two Axperts - 5kva (4000w). One is using firmware 52.30. The other 72.70c. The obviously do not want to talk to each other in parallel. I need to upgrade the 52.30. That much I have figured. I think. I need reflashing software? Where do I get that from? Then I will need to connect to the unit. My laptop does not have a serial port. There is a cable - one end looks like a printer and the other USB. Can I use that? Thanks
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