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  1. All really need help with a reputable electrician please to get my generator connected to an ATS as soon as possible, any recommendations would be appreciated
  2. JPR

    Aisikai ATS

    Thank you this unit is rated at 100A
  3. JPR

    Aisikai ATS

    Hi all This is the ATS bought, has anyone had any experience with this brand(reliability etc) and a wiring diagram for mains and gen connection perhaps
  4. Morning all so I decided to get a diesel genie and ATS box to tie into my existing setup, I need some help with reputable electricians that can tie this to my existing setup (split DB’s that handles certain loads of the house, inverter and batteries) and also CoC the entire setup for me, any recommendations will be highly appreciated. must say a proper ATS or what I think is one is not cheap lol
  5. Hi all i don’t know why but inverter shuts down literally at just over 40 min (every time for last couple of load shedding while load is around 225Watts in the period constantly, so not that much load I think, I have 2 12v 100ah AGM batteries linked to system, strange thing is when the system shuts down the victron bmv702 still shows battery capacity at 97% please help not sure why this is happening
  6. Thanks will contact Bian
  7. All I’m struggling to get 24v lithium batteries to replace the crap AGM’s I have currently, which make of non lithium would be best to look at for now I’m only running lights, tv, dstv, around 400W when needed. I will go with 2x 12V 200aH probably for now and remove the 4 100Ah I have currently
  8. Hi all One if my Agm banks have seen better days I’m looking to rip out the two banks of agm (specs currently 4 x 12V 100aH in parallel and series) to give me 24V. I’m looking for stockiest if Blue Nova or Pylontech that can run on a Mecer Axpert 5KW in Gauteng please help before the dreaded Eskom breaks start happening
  9. Hi All i have updated the way i see the battery connection with the BMV 702 with midpoint reference on b2 connection is this correct?
  10. Morning all first of all what a great forum.....learned so much. im finishing my battery bank connection and would like some help around connecting the midpoint for the bmv 702 as well as battery balancer. i have 4 x 12V 100ah batteries with 2 connected in series and 2 connected in parallel giving me 24V 200ah. Can anyone help me with whcih would be the midpoints and any additional wiring between batteries needed please
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