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  1. Thanks. Just for a little more confirmation, Justin in your first reply you said "Set time of use settings (you can make them all the same)" Can you give me a little more breakdown on this please? Vassen, with regards to your picture, 04:00 is 40% and 08:00 is 30%. So if I understand correctly, at 04:00 if the battery is below 40% the grid will kick in and take over the load. Because the grid box is not ticked, it will not charge the battery?
  2. Thanks for the replies. Just to understand a little more, on mine at 19:05, it is set to 100%, with grid ticked. What I understand this should do is this...If by 19:05 the battery has not been fully charged, the grid should then kick in and charge the battery as well as power the load? As far as I can tell, this is what is happening. My other times may be very wrong though. Another question, does the inverter need to restart for any changed settings to be applied? Doesn't seem like settings are applied by just changing them
  3. Hi all. I do apologize if this has been posted and answered before, but I am unable to find it. I'm hoping someone can help me with the settings for this inverter. I've read the manual, but it doesn't explain this page very well. I want to be mostly off grid, with grid for backup. Eg: SBU like the Axperts. Currently the inverter chooses the grid to pull load from, and charge batteries, and use the batteries as a backup, rather than use the grid as a backup. What do I change on here to make the panels and batteries the first and second choice and grid as a last option? perhaps when running low on battery in the early hours of the morning, or if the batteries did not charge full during the day if it was overcast? I can't seem to find any other menu options that seems like they would make any difference in this situation, but I may be wrong
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