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  1. Dammit. Thanks. How much If I might ask
  2. Is the Inverter still available
  3. Gedink dit sal Noord wees van my. Ek wil hom parralel. Wat het ek nog nodig,
  4. Good Morning. Is King still available?
  5. On my Axpert KIng it seems to switch the PV off when the battery is 100%. Then starts drawing from the battery. Sometimes the PV comes back but I have had it when there was no ESKOM. that the battery drained completely and the system shutdown.
  6. @plonkster How did you build this. I just got solpiplog up and running with local emoncms. But want to see what I am using from the grid and what I am Using on solar. So it looks that emonpi is the way to go or am I mistaken?
  7. If my battery is fully charged. And there is not a lot of power being drawn from the system the PV drops away. I switch off the incoming supply in the morning. The pool pump come on at 10. Then the solar powers the load and the battery is charged. And no dips in the solar if I do this. Also running 71.80
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