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  1. One Trojan pony possibly converted! PS. Not that I think Trojan is a bad quality battery in any sense!
  2. Deltec is an official distributor of Lead Crystal batteries in South Africa. Instead of having a Betta Batteries label, they are re-branded to display Deltec's logo as they are an official supplier. Deltec's data sheet is however incorrect if I am not mistaken (they have been notified). Rather get your data sheets from the Lead Crystal website. You will also see Deltec's details under the Africa distribution link. http://leadcrystalbatteries.com/distribution/distributors-in-africa/
  3. Plonkster... they weight 60 kg each. Bad news is I HAVE NO STOCK! And will also not have for the next couple of months.
  4. From my experience trying to make a GTI run from a generator in the event of a power failure is just looking for problems. In rare instances where we have done it the capacity of the generator was much much larger than that of the PV generator to avoid too much feed back into the genie. I would also rather recommend the suggestion of just by-passing like JDP described.
  5. Also for future reference here is the link to the official website's data sheet download area... http://leadcrystalbatteries.com/downloads-lead-crystal-batteries/data-sheets-lead-crystal-batteries/
  6. Hi guys, attached are the current data sheets for the 2V 200Ah and the 12V 200Ah. Unfortunately I cannot comment on prices of the batteries as SA is not my area of business. The last 12V 200Ah batteries I sold here in Namibia was sold at approx R4500 excl. VAT. That should change the outcome of the calculations somewhat. CNFJ-200.pdf 6_CNFJ-200.pdf
  7. Hi, hope all is well in the world of Power Forum!

    Please have a look at the link attached. Hybrid Energy is a subsidary of Betta Batteries International. The product shown in the video link will become availablenin the the Southern Africa market in the near future. Am I allowed to post it to the forum? If so, which thread would be mos suitable?

    Thanks for your input!

    As always keep up the amazing work with the forum!




    1. Energy-Jason


      Thanks so much for your message.

      You will require a commercial membership.  May I send you the details?




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      Yes please send me the details.


    3. Energy-Jason


      Sure thing, I will drop in in your PM now.

      Thanks again.


  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had some experience with the monitoring goodies they talk about in the link below. I have read elsewhere/everywhere on the thread about EmonCMS (I have no idea what it is or how it works), but was just wondering how this compares to AICC and it's abilities. https://openenergymonitor.org/emon/
  9. At that price it definitely does not make that much sense! With that said though, I can assure you I do not pay that much for a bank LCB's.
  10. I'm a bit shocked by that price tag!! Very good point viceroy! Many people/customers do not take the usable amount of energy available into account when deciding on batteries. Price plays the biggest deciding factor and I guess it will for a long time unfortunately...
  11. For some reason not as many people use them in their solar applications in SA. Here in Namibia they are installed in quite a few installations and have been performing well. In the SA market, as well as the European market, they are quite popular in the telecomms industry where the go to battery is the 12V 170Ah Front Terminal.
  12. I agree with Eugene. I have never heard of a 3 phase inverter with that capability.
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