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  1. Sent you a PM im interested in the MPPT's and VE direct cables if you split.
  2. Hi Spike

    Do you still have Victron 150/85 MPPT and if yes how much do you want for it and where are you based ?

    1. spikeza


      Its a 150/70 not a 150/85  the new 150/85 retails for just under 10k since this is the older VECAN unit  maybe R7k? Based In JHB

    2. GreenMan


      Ok, thanks Spikeza. Not what we are looking for.


  3. yeah i still have it and never got around to changing it you interested ?
  4. Is it controlled with a float switch or pressure switch?
  5. I have a 150/70 that i think still has a year left on the warranty its in use but want to replace it with smaller 150/45
  6. Im looking to sell my Victron BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 want to install lithium ion batteries an need a VE direct MPPT for every thing to work properly. Was purchased in 2016 but has only been installed for 3 months and still under the 5 year warranty. It currently retails for over 9K so looking for around R6000 open to offers or trade for VE direct model need a 150/45 or larger
  7. prices look pretty good on the inverters
  8. the 63A is a double space if i remember correctly
  9. Ive been told it wont work but not 100% sure. What you paying for the ReneSola Panels?
  10. Prices have gone up around 40c/Wp
  11. around R2600 for 255Wp and R3100 for 305Wp incl vat and delivery to JHB But if Mr Zuma open his mouth that could double overnite :-) prices seem very unstable some prices have increase between 10-20% since last year.
  12. Direct from Artsolar looking at around R9.70/Wp excl. vat and delivery for individual panel but cheaper if you take a Pallet of 25. I haven't decided yet still doing some research, i see you looking for 6 if I decide to go for a pallet maybe i could sell you 6, Im looking around 12 for myself. Ill let you know. Im also looking the other equipment so watching your thread with interest.
  13. Thanks for the reply if you dont mind me asking how long have you had the panels installed and any issues of yellowing of the panels and water ingress?
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