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  1. Thanks for the info, unfortunately it did not work
  2. Hi, I would like to know if anyone can help with what the default password is for the sinephone app to change my inverter settings with the app. Please see attached images.
  3. @Lindsay At the moment the smart battery has coms to Victron inverter and possible SMA. Growatt, Goodwe and Sunsync support are coming in about a month or 2. They can Parallel upto 16 units together. I have sent the guys at @ICC information with my protocol for integration and await their response. Voltronics/Axpert are not willing to play ball and answer any of my emails. So unfortunately no integration with them any time soon.
  4. Thanks for all the good words guys @Krokkedil and @Gerlach @Lindsay The 6kwh unit 24V is also available.
  5. Does the lighter terminal look more positivy to you hahahahaha
  6. Correct. I run 2 inverters in parallel to power my entire house including geyser and stove. For the test sake i disconnected the salve and connected the cables to my MKS for the test. Even the master only gets 1.7kw, also connected to 2.97kw of panels.
  7. Yeah, the main thing bugging me is the damn MPPT that is so insufficient. I mean, only 1.7kw from 2970w panels... no man...
  8. I don't understand what that has to do with the low PV efficiency?
  9. Tried that as well, you can also see in one of the short videos i turn the inverter on. the 1.6 goes to 1.7kw. Also regarding the setting, its anyway faulty because why would it only be pushing in 1.6kw into the battery when the charge current is set to 50a (2688w @ 56v)? Also tried setting to 120a, made no difference. The inverter had the solar power balance on by default, i disabled it in an attempt to resolve this issue. Everything about these inverters are buggy. really disappointing.
  10. Hi Greenman, Glad to hear you are pleased with my product. After that video i upgraded to 71.92 on Sunday, results are the same. I have also selected solar for Load first option, also no success. no matter what setting i change or what combination i use i cannot get it to perform close to the efficiency of my old inverter. Also regarding the charge on the batteries, the current is set to 50a so it should have anyway pushed allot more power to the batteries regardless as they were nowhere near full. Also just to make sure, before i took the video i turned of my PV and turned the geys
  11. So for all interested, here is a wetransfer link for videos i created demonstrating the Axpert King's inefficiency Problem. https://we.tl/t-NllIhxBu0J
  12. So i set it to Online, Seems the battery is charging with all the available current now. It seems that the Axpert king inverters are extremely bad at pv conversion as i still only get max 1.7kw As a proof i will tonight connect the old MKS up to the one set of panels and at 12am tomorrow morning i will get my wife to take an image of both of the inverters PV conversion efficiency. This is extremely disappointing of the Axpert king.
  13. Hi, So I have this little problem with my Axpert King inverter i just installed. Previously I had the MKS 4kw 5kva version and the Solar power i got average on a sunny is about 2.3kw per inverter, there are 3x3 330w panels on each inverter giving a total of 2970 or 5940w for both. After i installed the Kings i noted that the PV utilization is shot to hell. Whats strange is is that it seems that the PV utilization is somehow link to the total load in a way, the max utilization seems to be 1.7kw per inverter if under load. I have tried changing multiple setting but cannot s
  14. @JJS Lol, I don't have any ETA as of yet, eta if i could order would be 6-8 weeks. The virus can survive 10 days without an host. the cells are allot longer on the water so don't stress lol
  15. Hi @Rautenk My BMS would allow this, i am uncertain as how much current will be drawn from the old battery vs the new one. I would suspect that if you use a 60ah(Old) and a 120ah battery together that the 120ah would be pulling 2/3 of the load and the 60ah 1/3 of the load. All that my bms will do i stop you from doing overcurrent, under and over voltage. It does not know that there is another battery connected, it only knows what you are trying to put into it or take out of it. If attempting to do this you must charge both batteries to a near exact same voltage or you
  16. This is exactly my point... it's the same thing... my cells do the same... the bigger number just sounds better....
  17. Hi @DaveSA, Please note that this 6000 cycles claims is just a bunch of marketing bs. The cells i sell are originally rated 2000 cycles at 100% dod and their remaining capacity will be 80% Now for the latter, 6000 cycle at 90% dod and you will have 50% capacity remaining. These are basically the exact same claim. Hope this sheds some light on the cycle claims.
  18. I would like to know if there is an application for a 48v master/slave battery where there is a master and up to 9 slaves can be connected in series to make a 480v battery? The master will be about 5k more expensive then the slaves but this allows for protection across all the cells in all the batteries. It would also have active balancing across the entire string.
  19. I checked my spam folder now, see you sent it yesterday already, apologies. As i try to cater for the guys that cant afford these expensive batteries i give a 2 year warranty but it can be extended to 5 year, of course this would incur an increase in the price.
  20. Yes. You will need to alter the charge voltages as i think a lot of batteries use 15 cells, i use 16. Other then that it's plug and play
  21. What is the advantage of this bms if i may ask?
  22. I do not know that inverter, that being said, if the charge, cut off and float voltage can be set under some sort of user configurable battery on the inverter then you are sorted.
  23. I also have my cells powering my house, like clockwork, every 2 weeks we are without power for half an day up 2 days. I have 2x hybrid inverters and they can handle 8kw. I do however switch my geyser of when this happens because if it is to be of for 2 days i can't be taking chances. I can with ease run my kettle, all the normal lights and fans in the house, the toaster, dishwasher and a stove plate all at once, without the cells heating up. If i go over 8kw the inverters go of after 10s if i don't reduce the load below 8kw It's also a treat during load shedding. During loa
  24. The tests were most probably not done on the max rates. That is why if looking at the graphs on my site you will see that they surpass 2700 cycles on the tests done This would support the 2000 cycle claim. They do not have any other documentation regarding tests other that this and a UN38.3 certification test document.
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