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  1. A STAR inverter? interesting, do you have a link so I can get a better look at it? Ah yes, that's Grafana, although it looks like you're missing data? I run Grafana separately and can graph any metric Home Assistant logs - so I dump everything into a database via HA and then pick through the data when I need to :). My inverter behaves very weirdly - I can't get it to stop charging the battery haha. It'll use solar to charge the battery at 10w and then dumps the rest of the power. The only way to get it to use the full solar output is to kill the Eskom supply. Sometimes it magically sends solar to both the battery and the house supply with Eskom attached, but I have no idea what logic drives that state.
  2. Hey Luminous So I should have mentioned that the inverter's LCD display indicates two main states when it comes to the battery: power goes from the PV array either solely into the battery or both into the battery and the house power supply (downstream from the inverter, 230VAC). Sometimes it decides to both charge the battery and power the house, but sometimes it only charges the battery - this is unaffected by it having an oversupply of energy and the battery being flat or full. ^ On the left is how the LCD indicates power being delivered to both the battery and house. On the right it's just going to the battery. The Inverter came with a dodgy mini-cd with a Panda on it. On it was an application called PowerMonitor.exe. My unit has both RS485 and a USB port. Underneath the USB port is actually an RS485 adapter, so they go to the same place ultimately. I currently query the device via USB. Is your unit also a Must Power PH1800-like unit? PZEM-004 looks like a current transformer+ADC? I'm additionally using a Shelly EM, which is CT based (it reads from two CTs). The Shelly is cheap, WiFi enabled, does MQTT, is small, measures voltage, reactive power, power and can do all of the power readings in reverse (say, if you're generating power). It's pretty amazing. Below is how I've represented it in Home Assistant.
  3. Hi all I'm new, so I apologise in advance if this post is wrong/misplaced/etc. I recently bought a CB Solar Synapse 4.0+ Inverter. It looked like an Axpert unit, but as I've since discovered it is actually made by a company called MUST POWER in China. My entire house is automated (self built system) and long story short I reverse engineered their Windows app to communicate with the inverter using a Raspberry Pi Zero - so I now have all the inverter status data in my Home Assistant system. I've put a JSON dump of the output I'm getting from the inverter at the bottom of this post if anyone is interested. About 9 years ago I installed 1.6kw-worth of solar panels on my roof - I've now connected them to the new MP unit as it can do solar very efficiently. The theoretical best-power voltage of the resulting panel configuration currently is around 106 V. The inverter is rated to a maximum of 145 V. Currently, the panels generate around 700w of power on a sunny day, so I probably need to recheck the old connectors and see if they need replacement. The cable from the panels to the inverter is 40m long, which doesn't help. I have 4x 12V 102AH batteries in series attached to the inverter. Questions: 1. I've noticed that the inverter loves spending its time charging the batteries. It'll use 0.01kw of solar power to charge the batteries and dumps the rest of the power. If I cut the utility power temporarily, it then uses the solar power to run both the house loads and charge the batteries. This sounds like a firmware bug? It seems to do this regardless of the USER DEFINED battery voltage configuration (initial voltage 59.2v, float 54.4v). Anybody have any experience with this? Can I upgrade the firmware? 2. The inverter has a grid-tie function where it can feed power back into the grid. It is enabled by option 9 I think, but on my unit that option is missing. I doubt the unit lacks the hardware to do this, I suspect it's a firmware restriction or setting somewhere... If anyone has any general input/advice it would be great. Thanks { "_accumulatedBuyPower": "210.3", "_accumulatedChargerPower": "21.6", "_accumulatedDischargerPower": "20.2", "_accumulatedGridChargerPower": "21.6", "_accumulatedLoadPower": "204.6", "_accumulatedPower": "12.1", "_accumulatedPvSellPower": "0", "_accumulatedSelfUsePower": "5.9", "_accumulatedSellPower": "0", "_accumulatedTime": "01:14:06", "_acRadiatorTemperature": "52", "_acVoltageGrade": "230", "_battCurrent": "25", "_batteryRelay": "Connect", "_batteryVoltage": "48.9", "_battPower": "1262", "_battVolGrade": "48", "_busVoltage": "385.4", "_chargerCurrent": "5.1", "_chargerPower": "251", "_chargerWorkstate": "Work Mode", "_chargingState": "Absorb charge", "_combineType": "0000", "_controlCurrent": "7.7", "_dcRadiatorTemperature": "39", "_dcRelayState": "Connect", "_chargerId": 4, "_earthRelayState": "Disconnect", "_errorMessage": "", "_externalTemperature": "-54", "_gridCurrent": "0", "_gridFrequency": "0", "_gridRelayState": "Disconnect", "_gridVoltage": "0", "_hardwareVersion": "1.02.02", "_inverterBatteryVoltage": "48.6", "_inverterCurrent": "7.7", "_inverterErrorMessage": "Inverter grid under frequency\n", "_inverterFrequency": "50", "_inverterHardwareVersion": "1.01.01", "_inverterMachineType": "PH1800", "_inverterMaxNumber": "0000", "_inverterNumber": "0000", "_inverterRelayState": "Connect", "_inverterSerialNumber": "FFFFFFFF", "_inverterSoftwareVersion": "2.15.19", "_inverterVoltage": "229.6", "_inverterWarningMessage": "", "_loadCurrent": "7", "_loadPercent": "33", "_loadRelayState": "Connect", "_machineType": "0708", "_mpptState": "MPPT", "_nLineRelayState": "Disconnect", "_pGrid": "0", "_pInverter": "1377", "_pLoad": "1341", "_pvRelay": "Connect", "_pvVoltage": "96.9", "_qgrid": "0", "_qinverter": "1140", "_qload": "938", "_radiatorTemperature": "48", "_ratedCurrent": "80", "_ratedPower": "5000", "_serialNumber": "FFFFFFFF", "_sGrid": "0", "_sInverter": "1787", "_sload": "1638", "_softwareVersion": "1.16.23", "_transformerTemperature": "51", "_warningMessage": "", "_workState": "OffGrid", "_inverterId": 4, "Id": 0, "ChargerId": 4, "InverterId": 4, "RecordTime": "0001-01-01T00:00:00", "MachineType": "0708", "SerialNumber": "FFFFFFFF", "HardwareVersion": "1.02.02", "SoftwareVersion": "1.16.23", "PvVoltageC": "4000", "BatteryVoltageC": "4000", "ChargerCurrentC": "4000", "ChargerWorkEnable": "1", "AbsorbVoltage": "50", "FloatVoltage": "54.8", "AbsorptionVoltage": "58.4", "BatteryLowVoltage": "34", "BatteryHighVoltage": "60", "MaxChargerCurrent": "80", "AbsorbChargerCurrent": "10", "BatteryType": "1", "BatteryAh": "200", "RemoveTheAccumulatedData": "0", "ChargerWorkstate": "Work Mode", "MpptState": "MPPT", "ChargingState": "Absorb charge", "PvVoltage": "96.9", "BatteryVoltage": "48.9", "ChargerCurrent": "5.1", "ChargerPower": "251", "RadiatorTemperature": "48", "ExternalTemperature": "-54", "BatteryRelay": "Connect", "PvRelay": "Connect", "ErrorMessage": "", "WarningMessage": "", "BattVolGrade": "48", "RatedCurrent": "80", "AccumulatedPower": "12.1", "AccumulatedTime": "01:14:06", "InverterMachineType": "PH1800", "InverterSerialNumber": "FFFFFFFF", "InverterHardwareVersion": "1.01.01", "InverterSoftwareVersion": "2.15.19", "InverterBatteryVoltageC": "3FEB", "InverterVoltageC": "3F95", "GridVoltageC": "FFFF", "BusVoltageC": "FFFF", "ControlCurrentC": "FFFF", "InverterCurrentC": "FFFF", "GridCurrentC": "FFFF", "LoadCurrentC": "FFFF", "InverterOffgridWorkEnable": "1", "InverterOutputVoltageSet": "230", "InverterOutputFrequencySet": "5000", "InverterSearchModeEnable": "0", "InverterDischargerToGridEnable": "0", "EnergyUseMode": "2", "GridProtectStandard": "2", "SolarUseAim": "1", "InverterMaxDischargerCurrent": "13", "NormalVoltagePoint": "54", "StartSellVoltagePoint": "57.8", "GridMaxChargerCurrentSet": "15", "InverterBatteryLowVoltage": "45", "InverterBatteryHighVoltage": "60", "MaxCombineChargerCurrent": "15", "SystemSetting": "0100000000000000", "ChargerSourcePriority": "0", "WorkState": "OffGrid", "AcVoltageGrade": "230", "RatedPower": "5000", "InverterBatteryVoltage": "48.6", "InverterVoltage": "229.6", "GridVoltage": "0", "BusVoltage": "385.4", "ControlCurrent": "7.7", "InverterCurrent": "7.7", "GridCurrent": "0", "LoadCurrent": "7", "PInverter": "1377", "PGrid": "0", "PLoad": "1341", "LoadPercent": "33", "SInverter": "1787", "SGrid": "0", "Sload": "1638", "Qinverter": "1140", "Qgrid": "0", "Qload": "938", "InverterFrequency": "50", "GridFrequency": "0", "InverterMaxNumber": "0000", "CombineType": "0000", "InverterNumber": "0000", "AcRadiatorTemperature": "52", "TransformerTemperature": "51", "DcRadiatorTemperature": "39", "InverterRelayState": "Connect", "GridRelayState": "Disconnect", "LoadRelayState": "Connect", "N_LineRelayState": "Disconnect", "DCRelayState": "Connect", "EarthRelayState": "Disconnect", "AccumulatedChargerPower": "21.6", "AccumulatedDischargerPower": "20.2", "AccumulatedBuyPower": "210.3", "AccumulatedSellPower": "0", "AccumulatedLoadPower": "204.6", "AccumulatedSelf_usePower": "5.9", "AccumulatedPV_sellPower": "0", "AccumulatedGrid_chargerPower": "21.6", "InverterErrorMessage": "Inverter grid under frequency\n", "InverterWarningMessage": "", "BattPower": "1262", "BattCurrent": "25" }
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