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  1. did anyone manage to set any parameters, It accepts the password but then displays "set parameter failure" when I try ti change something. Eg, I was trying to let it charge between 18H and 19H
  2. I can now comfortably give my 5cents of opinion on the 100-95% matter as I have substantially researched this topic. Research shows that keeping the Li battery at 100% float is the WORST thing one can do to the battery. The cycling is the doing of the BMS and not the inverter. It is the way the battery is intended to be run. Not as the majority do by setting user setting so that the inverter overwrites the BMS. Simple example of a laptop- if I set my Asus laptop to max battery life on the battery optimiser it charges to 100% then cycles between 90 and 100 while plugged in. Batteries need to work,not stay at float. This is the normal practise.
  3. just to add to the last few posts. What you see is normal, I have the exact same setup. 5kw with US3000. SOL will provide power using the solar and supplement with the battery during the day, when the sun sets it will switch to utilities a few minutes later. SBU will provide power using the solar and supplement with the battery during the day, however when the sun sets it will continue using the battery until it reaches the switchover SOC setting and then only use utility. I have mine set on SOL and the charge setting on solar only. works great for me. Yes the 100/95% switching between battery and solar during the day is irritating but I still believe this to be the act of the battery BMS rather than a safety feature on the inverter. Nonetheless, I doubt that switching between the 100/95% during the day will have a major issue on the battery life
  4. Seeing that this is a very active thread, Is there anyone that has a 3rd party monitoring program going that provides real-time data for this growatt setup? The cloud software is nice but I don't like the delay
  5. Its good to know, I think it's the BMS seeing that the BMS overwrites just about every setting on the inverter. below from today, can clearly see the cycling between charge/discharge gf
  6. Need some help, Seeing that my inverter is behind my fridge and that Growatt software is on a delay, is there anyway I can get some realtime data? The PV Keeper software does work but it seems limited i.t.o. logging and graphing. I do like the look of Watchpower and from there perhaps export to a graphing tool that can show some nice realtime graphs. The idea is to have a tablet of sorts up on the wall next to the fridge. Anyone have something similar going that wouldn't mind sharing how they are doing it?
  7. Hi Johan, did you ever manage to get watchpower working with your growatt?
  8. I noted it as well, don't think you can change them to be honest, but not going to try either
  9. As for the cycling between 100 and 95 when there is enough solar and the load is constant eg 300W, whey less than the potential solar (3000W) is this normal as well? I set the charge priority at solar first but as soon as the battery is full, it uses the battery instead of solar until 95% and then back to solar again. Cant think it to be my settings as by lower value is set at 50% and back to battery at 55%,
  10. Seems another reset did the trick. The system now floats between 95-100% during daylight and consumes battery for a little while longer after the sun sets (on Solar first mode). During the night when running from Eskom my battery does have some discharge despite being on Eskom... You can see it between midnight and around 7am. During this time there was no load on the battery. A friend of mine with an Axpert observes the same. Perhaps the inverter itself uses Battery power? any idea?
  11. Hi ErwinK, This inverter can peak at double its capacity for 10ms. Yes it went far above 5kW. If the load is not reduced within 10sec it will automatically shut off completely, and the power will trip. This happened twice with me, both times I flipped the changeover switch in the DB to get the power back bypassing the inverter. I then had to shut down the system and restart and then flip the changeover back to the inverter. The inverter does have a "auto restart after overload" setting, it is off by default. I am considering this as both times I was just a second to late to switch of the geyser element, a timer would come in handy. As you said, it comes down to load management.
  12. Thank you for the compliment, Yes it is able to switch or supplement eg: 1. Solar first - during daytime solar will be used first and supplemented by battery if needed,(extra solar will keep the battery charged) and switch to eskom entirely if: A. No more solar power OR B. Battery goes below a certain set %. once the sun set, my inverter switch to eskom and will only use battery again if Eskom fails 1. SBU mode - during daytime solar will be used first and supplemented by battery if needed. when the sun sets the battery will be used until it reaches a certain % and then switch to eskom to charge battery while supplying power to the house again untill battery is charged to a certain %. (I am not using this mode as I saw that the system cycles my battery twice per night, as I don't have enough battery to last untill the next morning to charge on sunshine)
  13. Hi, PlumbSolar , something strange is happening today. BMS works and communicates, but at SOC around 89-90% I can see that the voltage goes above 54V then all of a sudden drops and the charge stops/ solar input to battery stops. Similar to what you are having? I have mine set to SBU and SOL charge only Perhaps SiliconKid could assist he was very quick to send the firmware updates, mine was working fine before the updates but decided to apply them anyway (only the one completed) but nothing change. BMS is communicating fine. I have one US3000, settings 2 and 11 are set at 32A, cant change it,also setting 19 reads 54.0V, cant change it. Battery dont want to go above 90% even with the BTU set at 95%, tried al; the charge priorities. 5th Light on the battery also flashing then stops at off same time the voltage drops and charging stops,
  14. Tnx for the compliment,yes the electrician was a very nice guy that came out at last minute and didn't charge an arm and leg to redo the DB. Will recommend him, he is in PTA East Moreletta Park.. Finally my wife thanked me, not only for not having load shedding this morning but also for having her kitchen back, and I am back working in my room as the inlaws are over again... Might have to rip out the floor next. I measured the distance between the fridge and inverter once I moved it back in, 50cm. Doubt that will give any heat issues, I did put quite some strain on the inverter today, at some stage trying to overload with geyser, pool, washing machine, coffee machine, dishwasher but it never switched off. It did go above 7kva for split seconds but that was it. I will definitely pay attention to the temp in the summer. All that is left is to tidy the wiring around the combiner box and to label the DB. I am very happy with my setup and looking forward to optimize usage. I did measure quite a bit of voltage drop, around 16V. I am using 6mm wire from the panel to the combiner (15-20m) and 16mm from combiner to inverter (7m), little bit off heat on the fuses but the cables were cool. PV wattage peaked at around 3300W, I might be able to add another panel to each string but definitely not now. Last night the battery discharged to 50% around 12am, then recharged using eskom and discharged again to 50% at 7 this morning then started charging by the solar around 7am The monitoring software is still a bit of a nuisance for not being instant, but it will do. (I did receive a Monitor software on a CD, still have to check that out) Here are some screenshots of the mobile app and cloud server. If anyone is not yet convinced to get solar or a Growatt inverter...I am certainly glad I did it. used 15kWh from solar today and no eskom... Cheerio, thanks for reading.
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