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  1. Hi Chris, I bought a new set of long cables, then cut the small link set that comes with the battery and used a very large crimper to crimp the cables. I ran the cables between the racks first and cut them to the right length, also moved the negative that runs to the inverter to the 2nd rack to maintain equal charge/discharge.
  2. Hey Everyone, I have been silently following this forum for some time, even though I had a genie. We wanted to get solar around 2 years ago, but the upfront cost was just too much. so we got a 18Kv diesel genie which worked 100%. The problem was that people complained about the noise and soon after they changed the time frame to use a genie. We decided to do what we wanted 2 years ago. Go solar! I have done a lot of research and learned a helluva lot during this period. Everything was designed and installed by myself with knowledge also gained from this forum. The components I u
  3. you need to set the rest of the time to 1% charge.
  4. Set under PV Master - advanced, right on the bottom. Off grid DoD and On grid DoD.
  5. PV Master -> Basic -> Eco -> set multiple battery groups with the appropriate charging/discharging schedules . then exit without restart
  6. then you have to use eco with battery profiles. I use it and prefer this over general. if you set charging power to anything over 1% it will use grid power COMBINED with pv power to charge batteries, the higher you set it the higher the charging rate will be from the grid.
  7. I was on 17178. I am also using economical but on the battery profile I set the power to 0% so the entire charging process comes from PV. Maybe you have the profiles incorrectly set? If you don't set a charging group, they will start to discharge immediately. Log a ticket to support, it took a day for them to upgrade it, I had SOC issues before on 17178 and its all fixed now.
  8. got the latest firmware today Firmware Version6181811
  9. How can I manually install 181809? I did not get the OTA.
  10. @Mark2, Very neat setup indeed. I also started out that route a few years back. I fiddled with HASSIO, Openhab, Home assistant and just didn't like it. It was too finicky and not very reliable. I am very deep into the apple eco system and gave homekit a try and never looked back! it is fairly straight forward and very reliable. I am using homekit with a few other API's including node red, and homebridge to translate non HAP approved devices to talk on homekit. the key for me here is not to display funky stuff that I cannot use, but to be ultra reliable as it runs the security of the hou
  11. Yes, using PV master, then basic settings, set mode 3(backup) and on advanced settings change backup output switch to ON. It is just below backup ON. You also need to set charging schedules as the default is 00:00 to 23:59.
  12. do you mind sending me his details? Im in centurion
  13. Goto settings -> plant setup, then change panels on the bottom right
  14. also getting this but my inverter does not go online. system light off, backup light off
  15. Hi, I am looking for a 3.5kwh or 2x 2.4kwh lithium batteries new or preowned. please if you have drop me a pm.
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