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  1. true story.... Take a pic and post if you can ? Let me see if it is correct.
  2. Hi I am busy communicating with Growatt at the moment with regards to this. Just for interest, where did you get your bms cable from? Also take some pics of the pin-out on both sides.
  3. Will do. The agreement with growatt is I do not give it out until they allow me and I get to work with them. Nice relationship
  4. YEs. Works perfect. Update - Software update is working well.
  5. I am busy with the importers and the manufacturers. SO watch this space
  6. loooollll loooollll Since I now have the open channel, I will add that to their todo list I am already running the test firmware but have been asked not to share yet. But so far so good EVERYTHING works with the BMS so far.
  7. I believe so. When I set to us2 (special Usermode for Lithium) setting my trips disappeared unless my load was greater than battery capacity. That was the only time I could get it to trip in 4 days
  8. Guys Awesome news! I am now working with Growatt to get this datalogging issue right - so far so good. I will let you know once the firmware is ready for release.
  9. Yebo and you just leave it on.
  10. Hi @tsa I got PV keeper from the cd I got with my inverter
  11. @SiliconKid I think that was someone else. Mine has only dropped during the day and not at night. Moved it to SBU mode. lets see how that goes now.
  12. Update just had a reply my query was at the bottom. Hi Wilhelm, when pv solar start to charge battery,battery SOC will go up to 100% finally,at this point,battery will send an order to PV charger to shut down,stop charging battery and stop supplying power to your house load at the same time,avoid charging battery too much and damage battery,battery will take over to supply your house load if it's SBU mode in program 01 setting, after a while,if battery SOC drop below 95%,PV panels will start working automatically again to supply power to the load and charge battery until it's charged 100% fully again,you can add more load to have a test,PV panels will start immediately if there are much more load that battery can't hold it, in this way,battery will always keep almost full if there is main grid outage suddenly, ---------------------------------------------- Any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely, Mahone Wang | 汪齐锐 ¶ Africa Service Technician E : [email protected] W :+86 18668813227 W : www.ginverter.com Growatt New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd No.28 Guangming Road, Longteng Community, Shiyan, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, P.R.China. On 4/24/2020 21:08,Wilhelm Tesnaar wrote:
  13. I caught it using PV keeper as the shinewifi is crap. Inverter goes into a "standby' mode on pvkeeper log
  14. I was there when it happened voltage was at 90V When it reengaged, it went down to 77v
  15. I funny enough have the same problem Clear skies 1.8kw load and suddenly if switches PV off running on battery 10 Minutes later back on PV. I am baffled. I have the Growatt 5000TL HVM off grid invertor 12 Art Solar 370w panels (2S 6P configuration)


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