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  1. Yes, each inverter runs with it's own independent panels. So they're not sharing at all. Even with no PV connected at all when the inverter powers up the voltage steadily increases on the PV terminals on the one inverter. With PV connected if the PV breaker is turned on it immediately blows the SPD on that string. As you mentioned though, I'm also struggling to understand how the one could cause any damage to the other (the one with the 09 error)? What really confuses me though is that this was a working system, all that happened was the Growatts were swapped out for the Growcol inverters.
  2. Hi guys Installed to of the new Growcol inverters today (they're still pretty much a Growatt or Axpert underneath). They were swapped out for two existing Growatts, a BMV700 and Pi was installed to create comms from a Revov battery bank to the inverter (using ICC). When switching on (it was after dark already) everything seemed to come as normal, a few seconds later one the PV surge protectors blew. Then almost immediately after the AC breakers supplying the inverters tripped. Afterwards, trying to power each one up individually inverter 1 gives an error 09 (bus soft start failed I believe). Inverter 2 powers up normal but for some reason is feeding power back on the PV input. With no PV connected the voltage on the PV input keeps climbing. Any ideas?
  3. Yeah I'm aware of the 25a discharge current on the battery. I was just not sure about running an additional inverter as a DC load on the battery but thanks for clearing up
  4. So I'm looking to provide probably the cheapest solution. As mentioned there is a Goodwe 4.6 ES currently with 2 x us2000 Pylontechs so comms for true SOC exist between those two. Additional batteries will be added to this as well to prevent the batteries from overloading. Can I use an Axpert inverter (or are there better alternatives for a +/- 5kw battery inverter?) for the additional load? I know they get their SOC info from the voltage of battery so they will need to be told to stop discharging at around 47.5v? The Axpert will as mentioned have nothing to with charging the batteries and wont be discharging them in the evenings, it will remain in bypass mode unless there is grid failure (so this will allow the Goodwe to continue running in self use mode without hindrance from the Axpert.
  5. Hey guys, Is it possible to run two independant inverters from the same battery bank? The situation is there is an existing Goodwe 4.6kw inverter installed but client wants additional circuits added to the backup (circuits which would overload the backup output), is it possible to now add an additional inverter (perhaps like an Axpert?) to the battery bank to supply these additional loads? So basically the DB board would be split in to 3 (on grid loads, backup loads on Goodwe and backup loads on the additional inverter). Now, the additional inverter will have nothing to do with the PV or charging of batteries it will exist purely to supply the additional loads with backup power in the event of grid failure.
  6. Cost. Those infinisolar inverters are expensive... I have no idea why though to be honest. You can install a Goodwe ES for less than an Infinisolar
  7. Anyone know or tried to see if this same connection works with Growatt / Shoto batteries?
  8. Great, Thanks guys!
  9. Thanks, makes sense. So the Active SOC learns from how much the battery is discharged VS how much the battery charges on a daily basis? Is Active SOC influenced at all by the minimum SOC? So example, minimum is set to 90%, active will obviously never decrease below 90%? But if minimum is set to 20% active could potentially drop to the same amount (I know it is by default but this obviously changes if battery does not charge full)?
  10. Quite new to Victron systems, but perhaps my brain has just fallen asleep here. Can anyone try help explaining the difference between the minimum SOC and the Active SOC in the ESS assistant?
  11. From those settings you have it shouldn't be charging from AC. Have you tried resetting the system after making the changes?
  12. I think a fairly decent way to describe a hybrid inverter is that it combines a grid tied and off grid inverter in one unit. On an off grid inverter like an Axpert, there is no PV to AC inverter function, it's only a DC to DC charger. So the function of the PV is litteraly just to charge batteries. The inverter then uses the DC from the batteries to supply AC loads. A hybrid does the above but with the addition of a PV to AC inverter which can supply loads directly from PV but also supplement short fall of PV from either battery or grid or both. Bare in mind that loads not connected to the back up (or off grid) side of the inverter, much like a grid tied system will lose power in the event of grid failure.
  13. Not only are they not allowed, they can't. An Axpert is an off grid inverter and does not have bidirectional capability. Hence why is not on NRS grid approved inverter list. It does not need approval.
  14. Only problem with this is you'll still need to get your GX device, Smartsolar MPPT, WiFi adapter and most likely a BMV. Once you're done with these things your total cost is a bit closer to around 30k Sunsynk, although not to familiar with durability of the inverter have a nice 5kVa hybrid inverter for about 23k. I would advise to spend the little extra if you can though, even if it means building a slightly smaller system initially, and go with a Victron. Start with a 3kVA multiplus and if need be add a second later down the line.
  15. Hi Guys, On an installed Goodwe Es inverter, every 2-3 days or so the inverter just seems to reset itself. Every time this happens though PV master error log shows an internal fan failure (4096) with inverter temp up to around 56° so I'm assuming it does this to protect itself? Is this a fairly common issue with a simple fix or is this a warranty claim? I've had someone tell me they had a similar issue and updating the firmware seemed to help. I think the inverter on question here though is currently running the latest firmware (I think it's 1818).
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