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  1. I can give my experience with Dyness. I have two powerbox 9,6KW. Whatever small tweaks were required to get them working with my previous Growatts, (previous, because they are really not great inverters), Andy from Aspergo (one of the distributors), is next level when it comes to assistance. He flew down twice to Cape Town to assist with my batteries, uploaded firmware, swapped cables if required, swapped out to the latest BMS cards (I purchased the two powerbox's at different times, so the one had older cards in). Andy really is next level when it comes to service and wanting the best for the
  2. Perhaps there are subtle differences in the actual inverters? Newer stock with perhaps some tweaks, which could explain the slight difference in FW version and the fact that neither of my two or a friends two growatts accepted the 2nd FW. These were all installed first week of March. ???
  3. Yes indeed, spoke to you on the phone ! If I can ask, my firmware version is attached does this match yours? Wondering since I only successfully installed the first FW upgrade. Also correct on the charge rates, it fluctuates all day.
  4. Apologies, some auto corrects in the one paragraph above. Andy did mention that for all the battery modules to calibrate correctly with the Dyness and FW, the battery needs to charge to 100 percent, then begin a discharge, then charge to 100% again, after which all should be calibrated.
  5. Hi all, reading the posts here has been very useful. I can confirm and agree with Tsa. After many dead ends, Andy, an official dyness importer (Aspergo) visited my house this morning in Bellville. Did a FW update on my one Dyness powerbox (my second powerbox is the newer model and already had later FW on it). We then also realized the comms cable between the master dyness and growatt hub (as I have two 5kw growatts) was incorrect, and needed to be a 2 pin crossed lead. Once this was done, the growatt took the li 01 setting perfectly and all is working great so far. Just some addition
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