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4x 100ah AGM Battery settings


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I have 4x 100ah AGM Batteries (mainly to get though loadshedding), grid tied. 


I'm curious about the exact correct settings to charge on my Deye 5K and what voltage I should consider "empty, do not cross" 


Typical loadshedding at night brings battery percentage down to about 86% / 49V after 2 hours 


Does it make a big difference how fast this type of battery charges? 

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6 hours ago, Atmosphere said:

what voltage I should consider "empty, do not cross" 

I would say 48.0V. With moderate discharging, that still leaves some capacity in the battery for reasonable life. That's for 20S (4S nominally 12 V modules) lead acid, basically any variation of lead acid.

Edit: at very low to no load, I'd say 49.0 V (12.25 V per module).

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