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Well, this is a loaded question....


You just whant to know if the supply to the geyser is ON or OFF?

You looking to see if the element is switched ON or OFF?

Do you currently have any equipment or device installed to monitor your power usage?

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Sorry for belated answer!

Ok, I can open the panel and check for current, but really I only want to look at the gadget installed by the municipality to check if it is ON or OFF. There are little green lights, but they are always on, and that does not tell me much!!


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Ok, this looks like a newer type "Ripple Relay".

Basically your local municipality can remotely disable the load connected to that device. They would only do that during peak demand times if the demand is too high.


Green means everything is ok and working normally :)

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Our meter has codes that you can punch in and see the instantaneous current . a 3000w element pulls 12a give or take so you should be able toe see there , if its high it prob means its on ,generally speaking


sorry it looks more like a load control relay not a prepaid  energy monitor ill change to the green light theory

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didnt look at pic
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