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Advice on Batteries needed


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Hope you all well.  New here, so please be gentle

I currently have a 24v Synapse 2.4KW inverter, connected to essential supplies for backups only during loadshedding.

Currently have it hooked up to 2 x 12v 100ah deep cycle lead acid batteries in series (I know this is old school). These batteries are about 2 months old, and have been working fine)

I have been looking at replacing batteries to 1 x Hubble AM4 (24V Lithium) and I have been wondering how this will affect my runtime and if I can add to the essential loads if I change to a Lithium Battery.  

Except for the additional 40% runtime, and the life expectancy boost of lithium batteries (Life Cycle), will the battery drain still be similar to lead acid?

I have also noted that the Hubble AM-4 is rated at 2.6KWh.  How is this different from the normal lead acids?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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The S100 are build by using second life cells. The AM-4 are using brand new cells. That's why there is substantial price difference between 2 x S100 vs 1 x AM-4.

But in any case by changing to lithium, you will have much better DOD. 80%-100% with lithium vs 40%-50% with lead acid. This will give you instant longer running time for the same load.

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