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My PV Installation

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Finally, I've almost completed my installation.  It is running already, but I still need to tidy up a few things and install the 12th PV panel.  I decided half-way through the installation to space the panels further apart and ended up with 5 rows instead of the planned 6 rows.  I'm going to mount the 12th panel in line with the single panel in the middle row, but first I need to paint that section of the roof.


The initial switch on was just after 15:00 on Saturday and I was amazed with the amount of energy still generated till early evening when the sun was hitting the panels at an almost 0

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Well done


I think that a LCD display in the house showing battery percentage and even geyser temp would be very helpful 


Are you  producing enough power yet for daily use ?


Not in the house, but in the garage in my case.  The Infini has 2 variable speed fans which run most of the time - they are not very noisy, but you don't want the inverter installed in your living room though.


Our average usage is between 400 and 450 kWh per month, approximately 14/15 units per day.  It is too soon to tell, but I think the system might produce enough power for our household.

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The rails are called Unistrut or Cabstrut. (http://www.cabstrut.co.za/cabstrut_intro.html) Any electrical supplier should be able to supply it.  I've used the 1.5mm P2000 channels, you also get them in 1mm thickness, but those are a bit flimsy.  The connecting brackets I've used are not Unistrut/Cabstrut products - I designed my own brackets and they were lasercut.  I also dipped all the cut ends of the channels in galvanised iron cleaner/etchant, then thouroughly rinsed them in clean water and coated them with "Hammerite Direct to Galvanised Metal Paint" to retard corrosion.

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The last few clear days 20/21 June, which were the shortest days of the year, I got between 12 & 13 KWh per day - that is from a 3KWp system.  Initially 11 panels (2750Wp) were installed in March and all 12 panels (3000Wp) were only installed somewhere towards the end of April - I'll have to wait and see how much I get on 21 December.  In March, on the 2750Wp installation, I got between 19 & 20 KWh on a clear day and the reported peak at that stage with 11 panels were 3.06 KW (from a 2750Wp installation), but that happened when clouds moved inbetween the sun and the panels - apparently the edges of the clouds acts as magnifiers and you get more focused light on the panels.

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