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Replace current inverter with Mecer 3kva MK plus (Axpert)

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Hi Guys,

My name is Andries and live in oudtshoorn (Grootvoël Paradys)

so I registered last week to this forum and was browsing a bit and so,cannot believe I find this forum earlier.

My Current installation is Powerstar IR 3000 (24V) inverter,60A MPPT Controller,6x 200AH AGM Batteries,victron battery balancer and approx 1.2kw pannels,I was browsing and reading allot about the axpert type inverters and realise most of the guys using 5kva. I received my inverter yesterday and going to install it this upcoming weekend,picking up tomorrow new fuses,breakers,boxes and some new battery cables,is there anyone that have experience with the 3kva and anything that I need to know about?

Kind Regards

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Hi Andries and Welcome.

First of all is your inverter the Plus or not, the cheaper model (PWM) has far more limitations that the Plus (MPTT).

I started out on the PWM but running the Plus for the last year plus.



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Thanks Andries,

Yip I am happy with it, Horses for Coarses I presume.

It has it's limitations, but for the amount of PV/Batteries and load I have/use it suits my needs perfect.

Just keep within the specs as per sheet, and you should be a happy chappie.


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