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What does these message received from WatchPower software mean

Paul Coetzee

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I hope you will be able to assist me in the questions below.

Below is a screen dump of the messages I am referring to.

I would really appreciate your reply on this issue.

1) Is there a list of all the messages the WatchPower  Software can issue?

2) What does each of these messages mean?

3) What action does each of these messages require from me?

4) Which messages (E.g "communication lost" and "communication restored") I don't have to worry about ? 



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port should be 587 or try 465 if it fails.Also you will need to enable "Allow less secure apps" in security settings of account.

if it still fails, try typing complete username i.e. [email protected]

This will not work if you have 2 Factor Authentication setup on your account, in that case better create account for inverter only rather than using existing account


link for allowing less secure apps, you should be signed in.

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Hi SnoopySniper

As far as I know, the SMTP (sending) server on gmail requires ssl/tls encryption, is there any option for that, I think ssl is port 465 and if using tls then port 587. Who is your internet ISP? Maybe you could use their smtp server rather. So maybe look at these



As long as your use your isp's smtp server it should work.

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