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Lightning Strike


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Hey guys,how you all doing,for a while I was very much quiet on the forum,

2weeks to 3 weeks ago on an sunday afternoon the thunder became very harse,so me and my girlfriend where watching an showmax movie,I told her,I am going to disconnect the eskom (eskom is only backup,I use ICC so switch eskom on when battery level are under 70%) at the breaker not in the ICC software and also disconnect the panels,so basically I think I will be safe with no strikes,after 15min the thunder were flippen heavy and like a minute or so,one moerse strike with flash in my living room I only remembering the little stars that was flying around in front of my eyes,the girlfriend...she was laying on the floor with a pillow on her head..so after an half an hour I realise that my internet is offline and my raspberry pi is dead (mors dood) I wonder hoe de donner did that happend.

So investigating begins,my internet tower were striked (because it sill got powered from my solar),network cable is going to "poe" powersupply then it goes to access point,another network cable going to my pi,luckily I got spare pi board but older version,so just swop memory card and contact manie to help me register the software again,big thumps up to Manie he was very helpfull.

But there was another problem the pi did not received any data from my inverter and with lot of testing I realise that the usb port is dead on my inverter,contact the next day mustek to order new usb module (inverter still on warranty) they did not have any spare so the branch in PE order new inverter from Johburg to break up for spares (jip thats funny) I will attached some photos when I was investigating. So the guys that have wireless internet,turn that thing off when thunder is near!




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