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New 5KWh wall-mount model


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Greenrich has a new wall-mount model out, called the WM5000.

Information is pretty scarce on these models online, so I thought I would post some info and pictures for anyone else interested in them.

A little background. I am in the process of getting solar installed for my home. I have collected a bunch of quotes and am working with installers to get the best setup for my needs. All the installers want an 80% which makes my hair stand on end, as I'm not comfortable EFTing R150k to some random without some level of a guarantee. I almost got scammed by one of them recently, but that's another story for another day. Bottom line, I decided to buy the expensive parts (inverter, batteries, panels) myself, and then find an installer willing and able to do the installation.

I am competent with math and electricity, and not one of the installers that I have worked with left me with a sense of confidence that they are sizing and speccing a system that is right for me. So once again, I decided to do the calculations myself, spec the system myself, buy the hardware myself, and get someone to install for me. A lot of the installers I've spoken with had no issue with this approach. The thing that got me most worried really was the fact that everything is flying off the shelves across the country. Today they have stock of some item, tomorrow it's out. By the time I have a quote and paid the deposit, stock will be more limited, and I need to endure more loadshedding. No thanks.

So back to the batteries. I got 2x of these wall-mount bad boys. Partially because it seems like the Greenrich models are well received and rated by the installers and they have an SA local service center (very important). Probably most important, Voltex in Rietfontein had 20 of them in stock, and I could drive to them and buy them right there. No-one else that I could find had any, or it was an online-only shop and I'm staying away from those as much as possible now. I say Voltex "had" 20, because my dad went with me and bought 6 of these for his system, so now they only have 12 left lol. Hurry!

They seem to be very well built, and they have an SOC indicator built into the "E" of Greenrich. Nice! VERY heavy, difficult and awkward to get out of the box if you are only one person. The mounting hardware seem to be quite robust - it comes with a nice cardboard template to make the hole drilling for the bracket easier.

The connection panel appears to be identical to the rack-mount models, so I would expect/assume the internals are very similar.

At this time I only have the batteries, on Saturday I am picking up the inverter from Polokwane (we're going to Polokwane specifically, because it seems like they have the last 16KW Sunsynk in the country left, which is for my father). Probably next week I get the panels from Greenside in JHB. So in a week or little more I should be in a position to report back on performance and all that.





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I've got 2 of these in my system and so far they've been great.

Also went the same route as you: purchased myself (Voltex too) and got a great installer to do the messy bits.

One feature which I really like is the metal type cover for the terminals - esp with a little on in the house, safety is most NB!

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