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Renesola inverters


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Hi guys

Anyone have any experience with the above. I know renesolar known for their panels, not sure if their inverters are any good.

Considering the following:


How does this compare with the infinisolar 3/5kw plus? I know it has wifi but not sure what the benefit of DC switch is? Does this unit allow the same switch over between grid and solar as the infinisolar?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Mike, are you sure? The hybrid in the link has very similar specs to the infinisolar 3kw plus ... main difference as is higher input and outputs ... up to 6kw with some sort of grid relay?

Are you perhaps talking about another model?

Cost is 16k excluding import taxes etc

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Hi, most prob then an OEM plus model of the infini but seems like one on steroids as the grid relay added allows additional output.

Spoke to salesmen from Mpp solar. Looks like landed cost of about R18k ... anyone install this or local supplier?

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