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Bicycle battery. Your opinion please.


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Hi guys

I'll appreciate your opinion on this.

An e-bike uses a lithium-Ion battery.

Let's assume a range of 100km/charge.

My questions:

  1. If the bike does 30km/day, how will a good charging regime look? Should the battery be charged after every ride, or only after 2 rides?
  2. If the bike does a 50km ride on a certain day, and a 30km ride the next day, should the battery be charged after the 50km ride, or only after the 80km?

My concern would be to optimize the life of the battery.

Thanks for your inputs. Much appreciated.

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Thanks guys, much appreciated.

The bike manufacturer indicates that the battery could be completely discharged and charged again for 500 cycles before it starts to  deteriorate. That could be close to 50 000km - a lot of time to spend on a bicycle saddle.

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There's basically 2 tipes of e-bike:

One is where the motor propels the bike on command of a throttle, not needing the input of the pedals. The commuting- and beach going guys use this system.

The sports market uses a pedal-assist system. The motor will not give any input unless the bike is pedalled by the rider. The system measures the torque applied to the pedals and adds an amount of power to that. Most systems have about 4 pedal-assist levels. In the lowest, the electrics will add say 70% of the riders input, the next level something like 100%, then 200% and the highest one might be 300%. These are mostly programmable.

In SA we align ourselves with European laws governing the use of e-bikes: the maximum assisted speed of the bike may not exceed 25km/h. The bike can go faster, but then it's the rider pedalling it like a normal bike. The dealer can remove the restriction, for "off-road use", but then the customer signs an indemnity.

It's a very meaningful way of riding, especially for members of a family where abilities differ.

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