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Is monitor screen burn still a thing?


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5 hours ago, Energy said:

I am wondering if monitor screen burn is still an issue.

We have plenty 24/7 systems at work, and we only experience this on CRT's, We only use Dell and NEC screens for the non CRT applications and never had any similar experiences. 

Most of the monitors were installed about 8 years ago, and none shows any signs of "Screen Burn".

To my knowledge only CRT's is affected by "Screen Burn", and of coarse the older Plasma TVs , but LCD displays are normally not affected. Suppliers of Plasma and OLED displays normally apply a technique of moving the image a bit to reduce the affect,  and although burn in is not as common in LED, color fading might occur.  

This all leaves you with LCD as the safest option imo. (All our permanent on screens are LCD)

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44 minutes ago, The Terrible Triplett said:

Jip, only CRT's did that.

FWIW. LED screens use less power than LCD screens.

My experience is a bit different. I have done a few CCTV installs with LCD screens, and after a few years they all have some burn in.  I even  have the Waze speed circle burned into my Samsung S5  OLED screen from when i was driving 3 hours a day.

Just for interest both "LCD" and  "LED"  screen uses LCD panels for the pixels, when flatscreens came out the LCD panel was backlit by a flurenct tube, this was later changed to LCD panels with LED backlights that uses less power as you stated. True LED screens are now called OLED , where each pixel is an LED.

But most screens uses pixel shifitng to prevent burn-in . I have a 10 year old plasma with now burn-in at all. 


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4 hours ago, Jaco de Jongh said:

normally apply a technique of moving the image a bit

Although I was aware of this technique , I wasn't aware of this:  "Screensavers derive their name from their original purpose, which was an active method of attempting to stave off screen burn. By ensuring that no pixel or group of pixels was left displaying a static image for extended periods of time, phosphor luminosity was preserved."

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1, brightness, high contrast
The plasma display has high brightness and high contrast, and the contrast ratio reaches 500; 1, the finish can meet the eye needs; the brightness is also high, so its color reproduction is very good. Https://www.allicdata.com/list.html?category_id=2071
2, pure flat image without distortion
The RGB illuminating grid of the plasma display is evenly distributed in the plane, so that the image does not distort even at the edges. In a flat-screen CRT display, it is difficult to control to a level of no distortion due to uneven scanning speed at the edge.
3, ultra-thin design, super wide viewing angle
Due to the principle of plasma technology display, the thickness of the whole machine is much lower than that of the traditional CRT display, which is similar to the LCD, and can be placed in multiple positions. Users can hang the plasma display on the wall or on the table according to personal preference, which greatly saves the room, and is neat, beautiful and fashionable.
4, has a complete input interface
In order to support various signal sources, the plasma display has a DVD component interface, a standard VGA/SVGA interface, an S terminal, an HDTV component interface (Y, Pr, Pb), etc., and can receive power, VCD, DVD, HDTV, computer, etc. The output of various signals.
5, environmental protection without radiation
Plasma display generally adopts good electromagnetic shielding measures in structural design, and its screen front environment can also play electromagnetic shielding and prevent infrared radiation. It has almost no harm to the eyes and has good environmental characteristics.

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