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pylontech - icc cable


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i tried in vain to finalize communications with riaan heath per email and pm regarding above cable; two questions

  • is he ok?
  • is there an alternative source for the cable [os win10 or lubuntu[linux] 20m]?

thanking you guys in anticipation
God bless

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Good morning,

Seeing this thread just after I responded to your Email Gabriël. I must have been typing whilst you were typing in the thread.

There was a return mail as well.

I gave you some feedback in the mail, and I honestly feel sorry or you that you have to wait so long to get sorted.

When I get chance, I follow up on your Axpert Woes thread.

It is extremely frustrating for me to read some issues you are running into, and thinking to myself, damn, If only he had a cable, this and that would not be an issue.

I explained my absence in short in the mail.

For others reading this thread, the main issue with the cable is 20M comms over USB on Windows.

Believe it or not, Pi communicate reliably on this with the same cable.

Windows/PC does communicate, but 1 in 5 commands timeout.

Tried USB2, USB3 Ports, Powered hub, Un- Powered Hub etc, reliability is not that great.



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