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Pylontech Batteries


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On 2018/12/07 at 10:40 AM, Henkt said:

How do you update the firmware on the batteries?


I would speak to your supplier. Updating firmware can be traumatic and I know of an Aussie user that bricked his module. I have 4 batteries with 2 different firmwares. Yes there are some idiosyncrasies but essentially they work. It is not an arena I would rush into. 

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On 2018/12/02 at 4:13 PM, DaveSA said:

What is the reason why  the "older'"  Axpert  Inverters were not Lithium-Ion compatible ?

Attached is the Leoch LFeLi spec sheet which claims it :   "Can use most VRLA Chargers for this system"

Many thanks



Possibly when the first Axpert came out, batteries like BYD and Pylontech weren't on the market yet.

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