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Raspberry Pi installation advice


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1 hour ago, AndewJ said:

Do you just leave it there on the desk or do you install it in your DB board? My DB is full so I have to put it elsewhere

Truth be told I leave mine on the desk... but that is because I use it only for testing. I bought the case because I needed a case and I wanted to see what that one was like... but the idea was exactly to see how it would work in a DB board.

I don't think you should put it in your main DB... at least not in the same row as all the rest of the AC parts. It needs some space next to it anyway, for the USB power connector, and you will likely also need space for a 5V supply inside the DB too! So no... I don't think it's a good fit inside the DB. You could however buy a length of DIN rail (really cheap), saw of a short bit just wide enough, and just screw it to the wall, then clip this case to it. If you want to be neat, buy one of those cheap plastic DBs at ACDC and put it in there (along with a power supply etc).

Or just get another cheap case -- they are all around R100 -- and just stick it somewhere with some double-sided tape :-)

Edit: The DIN-mount case has a translucent front... I think the idea is that you can put an LCD of some sort on top and see it through the front of the case. For that use case a cheap plastic DB with maybe a breaker or two, this thing and a PSU... that would look really neat.

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32 minutes ago, randomwalsh said:

Sorry to be ignorant but what do you use the raspberry pi for?

Hi Random

Some of the guys with voltronic inverters (Axpers and Infini's) use a PI, running control and monitoring software for their inverters. This software is better than the software that comes with the Inverters. I know some other makes has also been added to the app, but cant remember which. 

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