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  1. what happened in your quest?
  2. There is a riot cloudlink already onsite unfortunately.
  3. To integrate with a Hubble battery and a riot cloudlink device.
  4. Hey, I have a Mecer 24/3000VA Inverter which only has a USB type B port. Is there a way to or an adapter that can convert the USB type B port to RS232 on a RJ45 header?
  5. Intrerested to know if your replacement parts that you ordered worked for your inverter?
  6. Hey where do you get the updated firmware? specifically the pylon us3000b
  7. Hi, Why did you order the RIOT as well when paired with the Sunsynk? Isn't the Sunsynk cloud connected?
  8. in the hope to not seem uneducated but why do you need to move the neutral / earth with a relay? Why can't you instead just star the output of the inverter at either the first output breaker or the changeover switch?
  9. what is this amazing program...
  10. Well done. That is some super work. Did you ever do a calculation of the cost - materials, time spent on making that battery bank? Would be interested in seeing the cost compared to a ready made lithium solution.
  11. Hi, looking for any interest / feeler price on the following system. 1 x Alpha Smile5 Inverter 2 x Alpha Smile5-BAT 5.7kWh 16 x Canadian Solar 305W PV Panels
  12. Hi, Does anyone have experience with these batteries? I want to find out about the maximum slaves the master battery can control. I know the spec sheet says 8 batteries in total but then the local supplier says the maximum is 1 master and 3 slaves. Then there is this installation video that shows how to do the install from the beginning to the end, and the last option leaves to opening ended by titling it setting for multiple e-kwbe. I want to know if I can do 1 master and 4 slaves basically using the setup of (5,5) for the master and then (3,2);(3,3);(3,4);(3,5)
  13. Thank you but I can as well. Its appears the 305w are eol in South Africa.
  14. Good Morning everyone, I am looking for the following pv panels 4 x JAM60S-02-305-PR-AB-MC4 panels for an existing array. Does anyone by any chance have?
  15. Hi, Have at look at this thread and see if it helps solve your issue https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/31234/victron-compatibility-with-dyness-lithium-batterie.html
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