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  1. I used Power-forum store, happy with the service. Steve has very competitive price, its worth a quote.
  2. Had Load shedding twice, last night and this morning. Both times I had to go to inverter to confirm that eskom was actually off, It took over with no noticeable dip/delay.
  3. I'm sitting at an estimated 60% reduction currently, but we have had pretty crap sun for the last week. My initial thoughts is that I might have over capitalised as am not able to use the excess power at this point after 12h00 (could have got a few less panels, or get more batteries) System is setup is like this, but I have now changed it to priority load and grid charge (for bad days) at 16h00, will prob change the two blue values to 30%, there doesn't appear to be a benefit of the stepped approach. (I didn't want the batteries to try deliver over our peak use (stove and geyser 17h3
  4. Dam, Web site looks pretty nifty and I had considered them..Very glad I found the forum before I installed. Sorry for your issues.
  5. Its prob still early days, but appears like I need to add an additional battery to make optimal use of my system. On a good sunshine day I am hitting 100% SOC before noon and then the inverter is clipping my production as I cant export. For now I will try managed our habits and maximise the usage, but we will need another battery both from a production and usage case. SOC set to discharge to 30% in stages for evening use and its all used up so far every day. ( I have a ±600W constant load overnight) 27th had a lot of cloud cover
  6. Took delivery of the RIOT last week, The packaging looks pretty nice. Contents of the Box 1x RIOT device 1 x Standard LAN cable (Red) 1 x RJ11 standard cable (Black) 1 x Custom RJ45 to RJ11 (Black with blue RJ45 boot) I was a little disappointed there is zero instructions in the box. So I has no idea where to even start. The RIOT itself is housed in a 3d printed box, nice colour red filament used , the custom cable (RJ45-RJ11) only uses 3 wires. I found some details on the website and decided to try get it setup. (https://www.hu
  7. I buy quite a lot form banggood for my RC related items, You have to use the direct shipping option else SAPO will loose your parcel. I have not lost 1 item that is shipped using direct shipping, Use this option then you don't have to worry about customs issues either
  8. Would be interested in the answer as well mine has not arrived but in my conversation with Steve, he said it would use the two ports one to battery one to inverter. I would assume that the rj45 is configurable for RS485 based on this info from info sheet ( would be interesting if this is in factory or in software), but if not configured works in CAN bus mode. The RJ11 is how I will talk to the hubble AM 2 as well for the enhanced info, I assume this based on my need to update the firmware the hubbles and it uses the RJ-11 as a Rx/TX line and you talk via RS232 port. @HubbleLithiu
  9. My understanding is that you will plug the Riot into the can of the sunsynk and a second cable to the can of the pylontech, no need for a splitter.
  10. Look, I will agree based on how I intend to use, it is over-speced, just ask @leshen about my instance on 6mm for my PV strings. The point I am making is that given that the inverter and battery can under normal operating conditions handle close to 200A it should be a 200A fuse with suitable cable. Putting a smaller fuse in is liable to blow it regularly ( the BMS of 1 batt is enough to blow a 125A fuse according to the LiBMS)
  11. Not sure we on the same page or talking past each other but a 8.8Kw inverter with battery at 50VDC gives a max current draw of 176A, inverter specification for charge and discharge is 190A (thus 200A fuse seems pretty reasonable ), from the Batteries perspective each can supply 100A, so if something went wrong and we start sending more than 1C the fuse would blow too. I also think @ThatGuy comment was more in reference to the fact that I'm only planning on using around 0.5C instead of the rated 1C (or 100A per battery)
  12. Doesn't look like SunSynk has got much of a footprint in Europe, but it is very popular here (South Africa) now. I see that the owner Keith is listed as a UK distributor, maybe worth an email to him?
  13. I had the exact same thoughts, its not fun getting down there however I don't foresee that I will do it often enough once its running. Their response is in the commercial section of the forum. I do still think the top would make more sense, as I foresee most people will install similarly with batteries at the bottom
  14. Quite simple, I want to aim for the 12000 (50%DoD 0.5C) cycle lifetime not the 3000( 100%DoD 1C), Leshan's argument is however valid as I don't void any warranty (of the battery) if I were to use the full capability (1C) and it can deliver the required current without forcing a inverter error or going into battery protection mode. I also have ordered the RIOT for remote monitoring previously, got confirmation that Hubble is sending me the required cable to the upgrade the battery firmware with my RIOT shipment.
  15. It will depend on when you get/got the battery, it might already be implemented. For me , It seems you need a windows laptop with RS232 port and a specific cable that plugs into the Hubble RS232 port (it not a standard serial port looks like a old telephone port). Once mine gets done I will update here.
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