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  1. AndewJ

    Pi Cooling System

    Do you know where I can get this in South Africa? The ebay listing doesn't exist anymore.
  2. Do you just leave it there on the desk or do you install it in your DB board? My DB is full so I have to put it elsewhere
  3. I am very confused now. What values should I be using?
  4. Hi, How does everyone else install their Raspberry Pi's so it's neat and tidy? Do you just let it lie on the battery cabinet or something? I find it a bit untidy like that
  5. Thank you. What do you think about the voltage settings ?
  6. I am looking for the recommended voltage settings since mine seems to not work correctly.
  7. Will this work on the Ifinisolar inverters as well?
  8. I want to use Eskom at night and only use batteries when necessary. I understand that is what this setting is for. Or how else should I set it?
  9. I did and was told to email him. So is he the only one who can help?
  10. If you don't mind me asking. What settings would you recommend for a Infinisolar 4KW super inverter? I have 16x 325W solar panels and 3x Pylontech batteries and use Eskom during the night.
  11. I did email him some time ago but got no response.
  12. AndewJ

    axpert woes?

    What settings do you recommend for a Infinisolar 4KW inverter?
  13. batteries are far too expensive in my opinion. and they're not toys
  14. Hi, Can someone please help me with the recommended settings for 3 Pylontech batteries on a Infinisolar 4KW inverter? I have 16x 325W Solar Panels. The settings below don't seem to work well as it runs for 5 minutes and then switch off. The lights on the batteries are all lit up when I press the red button. There's a Raspberry Pi with ICC and the Pylontech cable as well. I was told that I need to change the settings in SolarPower and not ICC. Eskom is used at night.
  15. Hi Jason, I cannot see any of the user's signatures, nor my own. Is there perhaps a setting that needs to be enabled?
  16. It's looking good! Nice labels to show what is what
  17. Yes it works in Windows 7. I just can't get mine to log any information over time.
  18. Can you please tell me more about this?
  19. AndewJ

    LiNiMnCoO2 batts

    I have a DJI phantom charge that works from a car's cigarette socket. Connect a 10W or 20W solar panel directly to it and it will charge the lithium batteries.
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