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Kodak OG 5.48 and Shoto SDC10


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Hi everyone, I've seen various other topics on the matter but they seem to be rather oldish so I'm looking for up to date info. I have the above inverter along with 2x Shoto SDC 10 Box 5 batteries. Currently I am using Solar Assistant to read the battery values as the inverter seems to be incapable, at least that's what I'm seeing. Does any of the newer firmwares support this battery's BMS?
I am unsure if the screen on the kodak shows other info which is needed, but I have attached a screenshot of the inverter's data on SA. Looking forward to some more information regarding this.


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15 hours ago, Meneer said:

Does any of the newer firmwares support this battery's BMS?

What is your present secondary/display (U2) firmware? It's probably on another Solar Assistant page.

As a point of interest, is there anything you are missing at present when using SA to talk to the battery BMS?

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Posted (edited)

@Coulomb Thank you for the reply.

I will take another screenshot that perhaps has more info.

When I ask SA to read the battery values from the inverter, SOC, capacity etc is all incorrect, only the voltage is the correct statistic. So I assume the CAN communication between the batteries and inverter is not working as intended? The electrician did change the DIP switches on the batteries at the time of the install so that it can communicate with the inverter, but it didn't seem to do anything. I found other DIP switch settings on Solar Assistant's website for the RS486 port, which I now use and it all shows up perfectly there.

For reference is there perhaps DIP switch settings for these two batteries to communicate via CAN, to make sure they did in fact set them correctly the first time?

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