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InfiniSolar 3KW+ only charging at 0.5A


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Hi everyone,


I have two Infini 3KW+ at two different houses. The one has PVs connected and is working like a charm.

Recently the other one started AC charging at only 0.5A even when the batteries are below 45V, and it cant get them to pick up volts at only 0.5A.


The one with the problem doesn't have PVs so not sure if PV might charge above 0.5A.


I have reset to default and tried every setting there is.


Any ideas would be appreciated.





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Hi Neil


Welcome to the forum.


There is a settings screen on the Affini  software could you post a screen print. I have never seen an Affini but they are closely related to an Axpert and I know the Axpert has a 2A charge setting.


Hopefully SuperDIY will be along soon since he has an Affini.



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Hi Theokie,


Firstly, in which mode are you running the Infini? Grid-Tie with backup or Off-Grid?

Then there is also the PV supply priority.


It might also be that your unit is set-up for solar battery charging only.

Attached is my settings, but mine is set-up for solar charging only.


I hope this help.


P.S. You have to restart the inv after making any major changes. The software comms at best is very poor.

Only make one change at a time and apply.

Close the current window and open it again to verify is the setting did actually change.

Only make a single setting change at a time.




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