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Alarm battery


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I installed a 18ah battery which was initially being charged by the alarm AC transformer but it was taking a bit of strain so I hooked up a decent 12V Meanwell battery charger I had laying around and disconnected the mains entirely, working well and charges the battery much faster than the AC transformer ever could. My alarm system is quite old so most of the sensors / passives etc are wired which all need to get powered by the board.

I was having issues with the smaller 7ah batteries not lasting the for the duration of load shedding which prompted the bigger battery.


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I am looking into installing a small inverter with a 100amp/hr or 2 ...running a piece of twin and earth to each essential piece of equipment ...installing a blue socket outlet at each point... this way ...the cctv ...alarm...gate... garage door ... router...will all have a pure sine wave with at least 6 - 12 hours backup before the batteries start to drain... add a bit of surge protection and it should also add a bit of protection to the PCB's

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