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Goodwe + Pylontech US3000 only charging to 80%?


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Hi guys


I have a recently installed Goodwe ES (4.6kw) setup hooked up to 2x Pylontech US3000's.  I'm not sure if I've configured anything incorrectly, but the batteries only ever charge up to 80% SOC.




Is there something I've configured incorrectly?


(As a side question: is there a way to see the potential the panels are generating instead of having them track the load too?)

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What does your set-up look like on the battery configuration? You have 2 x US2000 selected?

Do you have your communication cable correctly connected?

Do you have the dip switches configured correctly? Both batteries should be on Default.


I have the US3000 units and mine goes up to 88%. They stay there for some time while amps is still flowing in. Then suddenly they would jump form 88% to 100% in a single step.


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On 2020/03/20 at 4:02 PM, CalmYourself said:

I have 2x US3000 selected.


I think it might be a balance thing. Over the last week and a bit the max charge has been climbing slowly. Today it changed to 90%. I'll post back here if it ever reaches 99%

Did it manage to climb a bit more over the weekend?

Just asking as I have a new system but it only goes to 92 and then discharges

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22 minutes ago, Frikster said:

It will take a couple of days to balance, mine was around 7 - 10 days or so!

Up to two weeks in my experience. I recently had a 16-cell BYD with a low cell that could not be charged past 54.6V because of an imbalance. What we did was to cycle it down to 80% and back up numerous times. After about a week we had managed to raise the charge voltage to above 55V and deemed it good enough.

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I didn't make any adjustments.

My system still does sit at 88% for a while before jumping up to fully charged, probably related to unbalance between the cells and the BMS compensating.




My DIP switches are all set to Off

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Hi I have a setup similar to yours, but have 3 US3000C
I have some doubts... 

Have you configured your inverter with PVMaster?
Did you have any difficulty choosing the battery make and model?
I have many difficulties, but they get recognized.
On PVMastar on battery now finally appears "PYLONTECH US3000C*3"
I have no difficulty in loading them up to 100%
One of the things that leaves me in doubt if it is well configured is
in the PVMaster in the battery section appears
Charge Current Limit (fromBMS) 111A
Discharge Current Limit (from BMS) 111A

Manual information

Charge / Discharge Current (A)/ 37 (Recommend) / 74 (M [email protected]) / 90 ([email protected])

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Hi Voodoopt,

Not sure why you would think the config is not correct?

37 x 3 = 111 A

This is anyway much more than what the Goodwe can charge (80A) or discharge (90A or 4.6kw).

You will see that once the battery is full, the charge current will drop town to nearly nothing, but the discharge will still be 111A.


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