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Confused : Pylontech battery cables


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I just ordered a  SINGLE Pylontech battery for a VM iii, ordered the cable pack also, I am confused, is the cable pack for hooking the battery to the inverter or to link up with up to another battery and also there is a note in the description that you need another cable for CAN communications, where do I get that cable

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2 hours ago, Tariq said:

I am confused, is the cable pack for hooking the battery to the inverter or to link up with up to another battery

It is to link to some sort of Communication device. With the Axperts , you can not connect directly to the Pylon, you will need something like ICC and its own cable to do that. The cable in the box does not work with any Inverter that I know off. Goodwe Supply their own, and Victron needs their own pinout for the cable to work. 

I have a box full of the ones that comes with the Cable pack, never found a use for them (Except for private use as normal LAN Cables) 

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The SurLok cables i.e. the 25mm red and orange ones are for connecting to the inverter/charger. The cable with the RJ45 connector is meant to be for communication between the Pylon master battery BMS and inverter or other controller but as Jaco said it seems to be surplus to requirements. You only need one of these packs per system.

This is the communication cable required for a PylonTech and Victron setup https://segensolar.co.za/product/deval-ltd/storage-systems-deval-ltd/communication-cable-storage-systems-deval-ltd/rj45-s-ftp-5m-lithium-comm-cable-for-victron-installs/

The battery itself comes with cables to parallel with another battery.

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5 hours ago, Tariq said:

Apologies, the VM III  has a battery setting, function ( 5  PYL )and also has the CAN bus port

Sorry, can help with that, dont know the Vm well enough but havent seen a voltronic connecting to Pylons directly yet. What does the Manuel say about the connection. 


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Okay. I found this. 


So the VM 111 can connect directly but you'll need this, 


And connect it this way,


The Cable in the cable pack is not for Can coms (Last sentence) 


But my main supplier does not supply an alternative with their combo sets, so I am not sure where you will find the correct cable, If someone has the Pin layout, you can make one.


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