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Gatvol New Inverter 15k- 20k


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HI all, I am looking at buying a new inverter. Gatvol for the axpert, float bugs, usb port not working so cant upgrade firmware, etc etc. Is there any recommendation as what to go next without all these problems? Got the Axpert 5kva at the moment with 12 x 250W Panels. Need to run my 2 x Fridges,Kettle now and then, Iron now and then, and some light stuff. Lights are on there own system 12V. All else is gas.



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Unfortunately its all about what your budget is! There is a lot of support on the forum for Axpert devices, so they do seem to be very popular (and problematic??).

If I had to go through an exercise of which inverter to get id consider the following, non technical, criteria;

1) Price

2) Available local support levels

3) Ease of setup/use

4) Available Installer knowledge on inverter (NB on this one)

5) Battery compatibility (NB on this one...) - This is where most people seem to have problems.

The simple, no fuss, easy to install solution is Goodwe(over the air remote upgrades done automatically) , but you don't get the same levels of granular, fine tuning of parameters that you do with the Victron. 

If you're the type of person who wants to turn on and forget , Goodwe, if you like fiddling, fine tuning, upgrading etc, get Victron....I'm out of SA on business all the time so the Goodwe is easy to run/manage by my wife, which helps.

I have a Goodwe, it did have problems but was replaced, no questions, by Goodwe, so there is support available but compared to the Axpert, much more pricey.

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1 hour ago, djacobs said:

Need to run my 2 x Fridges,Kettle now and then, Iron now and then, and some light stuff.

With small loads like that, nothing stops you from using a 3kva Victron or Multiplus Victron GX. If you dont mind, pm me your ideal budget and let me see what I can do. 

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