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Evacuated Tubes, Pumps & Controllers For Sale - Sold Out


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I have for sale 20 Tube Evacuated Collectors (Qty 5), 230 Vac Circulation Pumps (Qty 20)  and Controllers (Qty 20) at the following pricing:

HiTemp Evacuated Collectors: R3000  -  Sold Out

HiTemp AC Pumps: R500 - Sold Out

HiTemp SP 24 Controllers: R600 - Sold Out

Pictures to follow shortly.

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No specs yet on the collector but here are some pics and details:

1) The collector and frame is aluminium, bolts are stainless steel.

2) Heat pipe vacuum tube, dimension 1.8 M long by 58 mm diameter.

3) Brass reducers

4) Shipping Details: Header  2m by 200 mm by 200 mm, 15 Kg; Tubes 2m by 350 mm by 160mm, 30 Kg (Qty 2 as 10 tubes/box) Evacuated Tubes - Pic 1.jpgEvacuated Tubes - Pic 2.jpgEvacuated Tubes - Pic 3.jpgEvacuated Tubes - Pic 4.jpgEvacuated Tubes - Pic 5.jpg

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The SP24 controller details are as follows:

1) Control unit with remote LCD Display. (3 Temperature Inputs, 2 Pump Outputs and 1 Auxiliary Heating Output) 

2) 1 PT 1000 Sensor for collector temperature measurement. (Silicon cable can handle up to 280oC)

3) 2 NTC 10K Sensors for tank temperature measurements.  (PVC cable can  handle up to 105oC)

4) Three time periods for auxiliary heating.

5) Controller includes frost protection, holiday function and overheating of storage protection.

6) Shipping Details: 340 mm by 240 mm by 60 mm; 1.3 Kg

SP 24 Controller.jpg 

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AC pump type 15-6 specs:

1) cast iron construction.

2) 230 Volts, 50Hz, 3µF cap, IP 44.

3) max temp = 110oC, max pressure = 10 Bar.

4) 3 speed settings with associated power consumption of 46, 67 & 93 Watts

5) Shipping Details: 150 mm by 150 mm by 150 mm, 2.5 Kg

Hi Temp AC Pump.jpg.

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Hi Carl

1. Do you still have the collector and tubes available?

2. Is the price genuinely R3000 with the tubes, or did I miss something?

If that is valid, then I will take 3 (addendum to my own + 2 friends)... Please confirm, because it isn't clear in the advert.


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